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Number of pages: Library copy - usual stamps and marks. This book has hardback covers. In poor condition suitable as a reading copy. Ex-library With usual stamps and markings In fair condition suitable as a study copy. Gently used may contain ex-library markings possibly has some light highlighting textual notations and or underlining. Text is still easily readable. Jacket not priceclipped. No inscriptions. Appears unread. Large heavy book thus UK-Overseas may require extra postage. Please "Ask bookseller A Question" to check postage cost before ordering from overseas. Blue Board Gilt Type.

Hard Cover. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. All international orders are sent Royal Mail airmail. Hardcover Hardcover. Very Good Hardcover with Good Dustjacket. Moderate soiling and shelfwear to DJ including a small surface tear. Light soiling and shelfwear to covers. I advocate spreading the wealth. If theft is a serious problem in your destination, carry a decoy purse—that is, something to hand over in case of a robbery. Save your passport number, credit card replacement numbers, and pertinent contact information in a folder in your email account. Male Repellent.

Some women wear fake wedding bands and carry photos of hulky men they call husbands to ward off advances. I try to learn key phrases in the local language. He is a lieutenant in the U. Public guilt and humiliation are the best way to deal with men who molest you on crowded buses or subways. If you turn around and slug him, they likely will not. Use only a first initial when checking in and request a room that is not on the main floor. Take the elevator instead of the stairs, and never leave your key where someone can see your room number.

What to Wear. While foreign women might be forgiven or excused for pushing the limits of local dress codes, it is simply disrespectful to wear tank tops and shorts in conservative or religious societies. Also beware that many cultures take fashion seriously: my mud-brown corduroys and hiking boots made me look and feel like an androgynous pauper in Eastern Europe, and my ripped jeans were crudely inappropriate.

Flip through magazines and rent contemporary movies from your destination to help you pack accordingly. Staying Healthy. Parasites just love to hitchhike. When choosing a restaurant, check out the bathroom first. If the Board of Health would condemn it, the same probably goes for the kitchen. Give your body time to adjust to local spices before hitting the street stalls, and only patron the busiest ones when you do. If you wind up somewhere even remotely sketchy, go vegetarian—or at the very least, avoid chicken and fish, as it goes bad fast.

If you do get sick, drink Sprite, ginger ale, or carbonated beverages or electrolytes if you have severe dehydration and monitor your stool. If it turns yellow, bloody, or has pus in it, get to a doctor fast. Tears Work. While I hate to recommend that women rely on their perceived fragility or weakness to get by, there really is something about a lonesome foreign woman crying that magically opens the doors, wallets, and hearts of the people of this planet. It is how I got all of my stolen documents replaced one miserable day in Turkey in record time, without penalty or rush fees.

It is how my friend Daphne evaded costly traffic violations across Africa and literally stopped a departing airplane in Angola. If seeking to avoid an exorbitant fine, jail, or getting thrown off the TransSiberian train in the middle of the night for not having your papers in order, think: Oscar. Drop to your knees. Make such a scene, passersby get involved. Return the Good Sister Karma. Spread the love. Be nice to female travelers you encounter at home, and help out your local sisters abroad.

Support female artisans, vendors, tour guides, and taxi drivers wherever you wander. Your money will almost certainly go where it is needed most. Nearly all cultures worship her in some form or fashion: she has been named Mother of God, Earth Mother, and the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Great feasts are thrown in her honor in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Juan Diego hurried off to the church, carrying the Castilian roses she gave him as proof of her presence. When the bishop expressed skepticism, he opened his cloak to show him the roses, and lo and behold—her olive-skinned image was emblazoned on its fabric. During the weeks of the Feast of the Virgen de Guadalupe December 12 and Easter, millions of Mexicans make pilgrimages to the Basilica, some hobbling on their knees as an act of penance.

After revealing three secrets including a description of hell and instructions on how to save souls from it , she asked them to pray the rosary every day, and visited on the thirteenth of the next five months to ensure they did. Word quickly spread of this vision, and thousands flocked into the fields to catch a glimpse.

By August, authorities deemed the children disruptive and threw them in jail, but they refused to divulge the secrets that the Virgin passed on—even under threat of being dunked into a cauldron of boiling oil. That October, the Virgin rewarded some seventy thousand spectators with a spectacular light show in the fields that culminated with the sun doing a swan dive over the horizon amidst a torrential rainstorm. Whenever I am in D. Leo, and Amy G. Carlson 2 Egypt Hatshepsut and St. But all were astonished when one of their own rose to the exalted rank of pharaoh and held it for twenty-two years.

Born with a knack for self-promotion, Hatshepsut started spreading rumors at an early age that her father the king had chosen her—and not one of her half-brothers—as his successor. After seizing the regency, she acquired the symbols of her male predecessors down to the fake beard and was often portrayed as having no breasts. Historians say this was her way of asserting her title as king and not some lowly wife or consort. Pay your respects at Deir el-Bahri, the sprawling complex of temples and tombs on the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor, where her royal steward and supposed lover built the collonaded temple of Djeser-Djeseru the Sublime of Sublimes as a place of posthumous Hatshepsut-worship.

Then walk down to the Valley of the Queens, the burial ground of the wives of the pharaohs. Only a few of its estimated seventy tombs can be visited, and that of Queen Nefertari—which has the most lavish reliefs—for just ten minutes, but the feminine energy is palpable. Follow the backpackers up the trail before dawn to watch the sun rise.

Services are sometimes held on Sundays in the chapel up top, and a lamb is sacrificed once a year in the neighboring mosque. Then climb down to see the Monastery of St. Catherine, where Moses is said to have seen the burning bush. It also contains a rather sad-looking bush everyone claims to be the original. Although she managed to convert his wife, as well as many pagans, authorities were sent after her.

Authorities beheaded her instead, and angels are said to have swooped down from heaven and carried her body off to Mount Sinai. After contemplating the courage of St. Catherine, journey into the desert. Bedouin guides offer jeep rides to nomadic camps, where you can hike to the local watering source. The scenery here is dynamic, changing color with the sun, and shape with the wind. Celebrate the victories afterward with tea and lebba bread cooked right over the fire.

While only a couple hundred samples of her work remain—totaling just four complete poems—she is a mandatory component of any classical education. She is, of course, Sappho: the Greek poetess and lyricist, and a modern-day icon for feminists the world over. Born sometime between B. She dedicated so much of her sensual work to women, people assumed she had lesbian inclinations. Sappho was the first Greek poet to write in the first person, daring to reveal her own interior rather than pontificate about the gods, as most of her colleagues did.

Remarkably, a poem she wrote 2, years ago was recently discovered on the wrapping of an Egyptian mummy.

Bosnian Female Collective; a Human Geography

Mountainous and lush, Lesbos is covered with olive groves that produce some of the finest oils in the nation. Other offerings include Roman ruins, hot springs, museums, historical sites, and miles and miles of dusty brown beaches. Hiking here is a joy, with trails linking villages via dells lined with pink hollyhocks and wild pears. The half-mile path from Paleohori to Rahidi includes a fun pit stop at a kafeneio, or coffee house, open in the summer. Poetry pilgrims especially enjoy Skala Eressos, a relaxed resort. An international community of lesbians has opened shops and cafes here, and women-only hotels abound.

There hovers forever around you delight: A beauty desired.


7 Best powwow images in | Native american, Native american indians, Native americans

Even your garment plunders my eyes. I am enchanted: I who once Complained to the Cyprus-born goddess, Whom I now beseech Never to let this lose me grace But rather bring you back to me: Amongst all mortal women the one I most wish to see. Along came a dashing lad named Maelon, who sought her hand in marriage. The Prince, however, had already hand-picked a husband for young Dwynwen. Either way, He sent down an angel with a potion that turned Maelon into a block of ice.

This was too much for poor Dwynwen, and she beseeched Him for three more wishes: to thaw her man, to enable her to forget him, and to give other lovers a collective break. All were granted, and she retired to Llanddwyn Island off the coast of Anglesey to pass the rest of her days in solitude. Pilgrims traveled to Llanddwyn to pay tribute to her and to test their own love at her holy well.

Word has it, if you scatter breadcrumbs and lay out a handkerchief, an eel will peek out of its crevice if your lover is destined to be faithful. Four centuries later, she was bestowed with a day of remembrance: January Despite its name, Llanddwyn Island is attached to the mainland in all but the highest tides, so is technically not an island.

It is, however, a romantic place with endless coastlines, rolling dunes, sea cliffs, salt marshes, and mud flats. Wild ponies roam about the land and cormorants, shags, and oystercatchers soar through the sky. Enjoy a glass of ale over the views of the Menai Strait and Snowdonia, just as the author once did in Every room at the inn has since been named for one of his characters. Then drop in the upstairs restaurant for one of the best meals in North Wales: a Welsh beef fillet with red wine, shallot, seared belly pork, served au jus—seasoned with Anglesey sea salt—followed by warm Valrhona chocolate parkin with ice cream and a dark chocolate sauce.

A drawn-out war had induced great suffering among the people; the royal family was in shambles; the English and the Burgundians were seizing villages left and right.

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But then an illiterate maiden named Jeanne la Pucelle had a vision in which God implored her to help the motherland. Though only sixteen, she petitioned to visit the royal court and was soon leading troops into battle—and winning. In one famous skirmish, she even yanked out an arrow impaled in her own shoulder and kept on fighting.

The French army felt empowered by her presence, and she soon became their touchstone. But in , Jeanne was captured by the English and thrown into prison. They claimed her crime was heresy, but they just wanted to use her to discredit her king. She tried to escape by jumping from her tower onto the dry moat below, but got dragged back inside, where she was nearly raped.

But the Duke of Bedford sentenced her to death anyway. At her request, two clergymen held up a crucifix as the executioners tied her to a 14 15 Rouen, France pillar, and she screamed out to Jesus as they set her aflame. The Duke had the body torched three times and then dumped in the River Seine so there would be no relics to collect afteward, but it was too late. Though only nineteen, she had already become Joan of Arc: martyr, heroine, and saint. Practically everything here is named after her: a bridge, a church, streets and squares, cafes and restaurants—even a cocktail.

Many of the buildings in the medieval center have been around since her final days. Once a massive chateau built by Philippe Augustein, only this tower remains. Climb its spiral staircase to see models and maps of the town and castle back in the early fifteenth century. Ouen on rue des Faulx. Joan of Arc was both sentenced to death and, twenty-five years later, rehabilitated in the cemetery behind this Rayonnant Gothic church. Nearby is a church named in her honor that features fifteen panels of Renaissance stained glass and a bronze statue of the young saint.

When he objected that her long hair would get tangled in the ropes, she chopped it off. By then, she was an international outlaw, and authorities offered a handsome reward for her capture. In , the British seized several members of her family as prisoners, and she sailed to England to petition Queen Elizabeth for their release. A seven-foot, fourinch bronze sculpture of the pirate queen was unveiled at Westport House a few years ago, and her Rockfleet Castle still stands near Newport and is open to the public during the summer.

Hop on a boat at a nearby pier and sail to Clare, the mountainous island she called home as do about people today. Scuba divers will delight in the sea life: everything from squat lobsters and cuckoo wrasse to tompot blennies. The best time to visit the region is during the first two weeks of August, when locals throw a joyous festival called Scoil Acla that includes much singing and dancing on the rocky headlands of Achill Island. Then spend a few days at the world-class Delphi Mountain Resort and Spa, where you can dine on Killary mussels and sea bass after a long, hard day of tai chi and seaweed treatments.

A beggar, a bed-ridden old woman, and a slave from Barbados named Tituba, were the first to be accused in the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The jails soon swelled beyond capacity, and the governor called in a man trained in theology—not law—to serve as the chief justice of the court. She afflicts me! Interestingly enough, when Arthur Miller visited the town in the early s to do research for his play The Crucible, no one wished to discuss this history.

That changed in the s, when the sitcom Bewitched shot a string of episodes in Salem and the city noticed a sizeable bump in tourism. Sensing the commercial possibilities, a few museums and self-proclaimed witches came to 18 19 Salem, Massachusetts W W W. Then explore the clammy dungeon where Tituba and the others awaited trial in the Witch Dungeon Museum on 16 Lynde Street. They say more witches make their coven in Salem than anyplace else in the United States.

The best, albeit most crowded, time to see Salem is in October, when the city throws its month-long Haunted Happenings festival. Just five miles away, the town of Danvers is another good place for witch sightings. At Pine Street, visit the seventeenth century home of Rebecca Nurse, the seventyone-year-old mother of eight who was tried and hanged during the trials. I am clear of this sin. With its sumptuous museums and regal cathedrals, its wide boulevards and canals, St. Within months of his accession to the throne, Catherine had him overthrown and became Tsarina of Russia in Over the next thirty years, she added , square miles to Russian territory and made it a dominant power.

An intellectual, she corresponded with Voltaire and Diderot and wrote memoirs, fiction, and comedies. She also founded the Smolny Institute for noble young ladies. She was also a brutal mother to her sons, Paul and Orlov, preferring instead her eldest grandson, Alexander who eventually became Tsar Alexander I.

But historians say she merely had a stroke while taking a bath and never regained consciousness. Peter the Great started this unparalleled collection, but Catherine bought most of the key paintings and built the Winter Palace to store them. To really get a sense of Catherine the Great, visit her palace, Yekaterininsky Dvorets, in nearby Pushkin.

Done in Russian baroque, the palace features a brightturquoise exterior that has white columns with gold moldings and sassy garlic-shaped domes. Inside, one room is covered with more than a ton of amber and glows in a dozen shades of yellow. Also explore the gardens, which are landscaped with waterfalls, ponds, pavilions, and bridges. Petersburg, Russia 23 Pushkin is located fifteen miles south of St.

Petersburg; to get here, take the commuter train from Vitebsk Station or a minibus from Moskovskaya Metro. After paying homage to Catherine, meet her descendants. Petersburg Times or, better yet, consult a Russian friend or expat. Late-night drag king shows are held here most nights of the week, along with live bands on Thursdays, and therapists offer free consultations. Tri El is located on No. Male friends can and happily will tag along on Thursdays and Fridays, and straight women will have fun, too.

Back then, women were forbidden to study at university, own property, vote, or serve on a jury. Her restored home is open for tours at South Street, and pilgrims can also visit her gravesite and memorial. Driven by a deep conviction that everyone deserves a fair shot at life, First Lady www. Pay respects to your heroines or nominate a new one. Tomorrow is now. I can take the next thing that comes along. She hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw dinner parties for the likes of Leon Trotsky, photographer Tina Moddotti, poet Pablo Neruda, Nelson Rockefeller, and her onagain, off-again husband, muralist Diego Rivera.

Madonna is said to be an avid collector. She is of course Frida Kahlo—cult icon extraordinaire— and a visit to her cobalt blue home in Coyoacan will be a highlight of any Mexican journey. Born in , she was soon stricken with polio that shrunk one leg, making it difficult to walk without the clunky shoes she despised. Then at age eighteen, a bus she was riding crashed into a streetcar and she flew out—to be impaled upon an iron handrail that punctured her uterus and broke her back, leg, collar bone, and pelvis.

Unremitting pain kept her from bearing children, which she mourned. Kahlo retaliated with a few 27 28 Places Every Woman Should Go affairs of her own, including with Trotsky and actress Josephine Baker, but primarily assuaged her sorrows with the paintbrush. Tears run down her cheeks in many of her self-portraits.

Most revealing is her fourposter sickbed, where a mirror hangs overhead so she could better paint herself and pictures of Lenin, Marx, and Mao are pasted at its foot. Its barren interior is a striking contrast to that of La Casa Azul, reflecting the inherent differences between a Mexican artist and a Russian revolutionary.

The house is kept as Trotsky left it, with bullet holes in the door from the first assassination attempt and a crumpled copy of Pravda on the desk. Savannah is indeed an enchanting city, with twenty-one public squares built around statues, fountains, and gazebos. It is also the birthplace of many a powerful woman— the spirits of whom remain some more viscerally than others.

She moved to Europe where she became impassioned with youth activism, eventually returning to the United States to found the Girl Scouts of America. She died of breast cancer and was buried in her Girl Scout uniform; 50 million young women have since joined her legacy. Visit her childhood home on 10 East Oglethorpe Avenue, now a shrine for troops.

Her three-story childhood home at East Charlton Street on Lafayette Square has since become a literary center offering seminars, readings, and films that celebrate not only her work but that of all Southern writers. Whatever the reason, Georgia is fraught with ghosts—and in Savannah, they make themselves known. Alice was washing his hair in a bucket one morning when his wandering hands got too frisky, and she drowned him.

Her husband was promptly hung for the crime, but because she was pregnant, Alice got sentenced to a jail cell in the southwest corner of Wright Square for eight months until the baby was born and adopted. Then it was her turn.

Womym's World, El Mundo de Womym, Le Monde de Womym

She remains a poltergeist in room , slamming drawers, lifting the bed www. Couples in particular have reported sightings in the hotel, although Anna tends to leave businessmen at peace. Come stand in this historic public space—also known as the Plaza de Protestas— to soak in their spirits or to witness their current struggles. An illegitimate daughter in a status-conscious society, she had neither a formal education nor any connections of note, and for several years scraped out a living as an actress in B-grade melodramas and radio soap operas.

But Evita is remembered most for her riveting speeches from the Casa Rosada balcony overlooking Plaza de Mayo. During one famed oration in , she even conducted a spontaneous dialogue with a crowd of two million about whether or not to run for Vice President. In an astonishing act of courage, a group of fourteen mothers entered the Plaza de Mayo one afternoon to demand the whereabouts of their children.

They returned the following week and every week after, with more mothers joining in. Some wore white scarves to symbolize the 35 Buenos Aires, Argentina diapers of their lost; others hung laminated photographs of their missing children around their neck. Join them every Thursday afternoon for their weekly marches around the plaza. For an authentic D. There, she wrote the Equal Rights Amendment and rallied for its passage. According to docent Amy Schapiro, her feet follow you as you turn the corner!

At its heart is the register, where photos, oral histories, and stories can be accessed via the computerized database. She found her poetic inspiration as a teenager living in an artistic haven on the Black Sea, where she attracted many lovers—both men and women. However, she married a cadet who ran off to join the White Army in the Civil War following the Revolution. Tsvetaeva traveled to Moscow hoping to find him and got trapped in the war-torn city.

Unable to care for her children, she sent one daughter to a shelter, where she starved to death. The director, it turned out, was selling the food for profit. Within a few months, both her husband and daughter were arrested the former eventually shot ; two years later, Tsvetaeva hanged herself or so they say. The guides will recite her poetry if asked. Two of her husbands were executed, and her son spent most of his childhood in the gulag. Although she had risen to prominence before the Revolution, she was repressed between and , unable to publish anything but scholarly essays on Pushkin, some translations, and a few patriotic poems dashed off during World War II.

Visit the Fountain House where Akhmatova lived for thirty years in St. Petersburg at Liteyny Pereylok 53 near the Mayakovskaya Metro. The displays include old photographs, letters from lovers including Boris Pasternak , and some writing that can only be read in a mirror. Buy a tape of famous Russian actors reading her work in the gift shop. When it only sold two copies, they decided to give fiction a go.

All three were smash hits, but the sickly authors died before they could produce many more. Fans will particularly like the living room, where the sisters once paced around the table, reading aloud passages and calling out suggestions. The exhibition rooms showcase some of their earliest writings and poems, plus samplings of their paintings. An abolitionist and a feminist, she dabbled in teaching, sewing, and cleaning before taking up the quill and ink.

But Alcott is most famous for her wholesome novel Little Women, a semiautobiographical account of growing up with her sisters in the Northeast. The feisty character Jo, who chops off her hair and sells it to a wig shop so that her mother can visit their chaplain father off at war, is said to be based on the author. Louisa is buried in nearby Sleepy Hollow cemetery, in the Authors Ridge.

And Lord! Visit them at Chicago Avenue South. It also hosts readings, film screenings, workshops, and discussions nearly every night of the week, and no one is ever turned away for empty pockets. Located at West 12th Street, it offers 10 percent discounts for book club members and hosts a variety of events, including monthly Songwriters Circles. Here you will find everything from goddess statuary for building your own sanctuary and talismans to bodycare and aromatherapy products made by the store itself.

Most of its books focus on healing and personal growth. They also host receptions for events like WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention. It also carries music, videos, magazines, and pride products. Visit them at North Clark Street. Many of these booksellers can ship their items anywhere in the world, so consider placing your next order with them.

II Places of Adventure 16 Antarctica www. Most nations operating bases here banned women until fairly recently , in the case of the United States. Even today, women are a minority on the White Continent. Take a stack of resumes and apply for anything you are remotely qualified for— including human resources, engineering, toilet scrubbing, or dishwashing. Jobs usually last four or five months, are well paid, and include all the equipment needed for surviving the climate. Or just take a cruise.

100 Places Every Woman Should Go

Last-minute cancellations do occur, however, and if you spend enough time at the travel agencies of Ushuaia the southernmost city of Argentina , you might get lucky enough to fill a space. Other wildlife include humpback, killer, Menke, and sperm whales; crabeater and leopard seals; albatrosses; and petrels. Equally wondrous is the scenery: lichens and moss grow along craggy rocks and glaciated mountains cast reflections into icy pools. Jackie was particularly taken with Deception Island, where a volcano had spewed lava rocks across a black sand beach. There are two types of safaris: lodge-based or camping.

Game lodges are often swanky—complete with five-star restaurants, massage therapists, and yoga studios—and can be fairly costly. Camping out is much cheaper, but be prepared for long-drop toilets, bucket showers, chores, and the possibility of unzipping your tent one morning to discover a wild hyena slurping from your water basin.

Lodges usually have electric fences that keep the animals out. Try to coincide your safari with a full moon, as their blood-orange rises and settings are extraordinary on the open plains. Baboons have a penchant for stealing bras and panties. Gorilla Forest Camp, a luxury tented camp in the heart of the park, offers tracking services.

When they finally spotted a gorilla family, Irene experienced pure joy. For a fun alternative to jeep travel, explore the lagoons in a mokoro, or dugout canoe, poled by a Bayei tribesman who will point out the African jacanas a. Jesus Christ birds skidding across the crystalline waters. Come to watch 1. Island-Safari Tours offers several choices to the Okavango Delta www. AS ANY surfer will tell you, paddling out to sea and riding back in on its waves is the closest we can get to nirvana on earth, and well worth the risk.

Though it has been a male-dominated sport since its inception, more and more women are jumping aboard, thanks to world champion trailblazers like Margo Oberg, Layne Beachley, and Lisa Andersen. And the already initiated are delighted by it. They got so sick of being ignored, or worse, at surf shops, that in they decided to open one of their own: Paradise Surf Shop.

Women flock here from all over Northern California to check out the merchandise and hang out. You can, too, at Portola Drive. Visit them on Ukumehame Beach Park, five miles south of Lahaina. Surf Diva out of La Jolla, California offers two-day and five-day surfing clinics at both the beginner and intermediate levels, as well as weeklong Viva La Diva trips to the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Drop by their office at Avenida de la Playa. Depending on group interest, salsa lessons and henna body art parties can also be arranged.

Girls and women ranging in age from seven to sixty-plus gather in Capitola, California each year to compete in the Women on Waves Festival. It is also known as rappelling, abbing, jumping, rapping, or snappeling, depending on which country you are in. As a technique, it is used by everyone from window cleaners and firefighters to rescue teams, but adventurers employ it for exploring the bowels of caves and valleys as well as the full expanses of mountains and waterfalls.

Good equipment is essential: helmet, gloves, sturdy footwear, knee and elbow pads, a comfy harness, some hard-core rope that stretches about 2 percent under your body weight, and a descender the safety device that lets out the rope in a controlled fashion. This is what Aron Ralston was doing in Utah before he got pinned behind a boulder and hacked off his own arm with a pocket knife to free himself, so in addition to the abseiling equipment, bring a buddy or two along with a knife and perhaps a nice tourniquet.

Scared yet? Then you start with small canyons and work your way up. It has been a great confidence booster for me, as well as a self-affirmation in overcoming my fear of heights. Today, Zion is a pilgrimage site for canyoneers. Zion Adventure Company offers outings for all levels as well as a three-day course for those who wish to canyoneer solo. Temperatures in the canyons can top degrees so bring a tub of sunscreen and gallons of water. Also, be extremely cautious of flash floods in the narrower canyons: if the water turns murky or the clouds turn gray, seek higher ground immediately.

Sleep off the post-adrenaline crash at the Kanimbla View, an eco-lodge tucked in the bushland that offers overlooks of the canyons below. Soak away any soreness in the glasshouse spa before retiring to an adobe cottage complete with mud-rendered walls, solar lighting, composting toilets, and hemp bed sheets.

Rise with the sun and do it all over again. Thousands of its plants, insects, birds, and animals are not found anywhere else, and indigenous tribes still live deep within its terrain. Its unparalleled beauty make it a profoundly powerful place. While Brazil is home to 60 percent of the basin and has a highly developed tourist infrastructure, you are more likely to spot wildlife by floating down the slender waterways of northern Bolivia. Pampas tours explore the wetland savannas while jungle tours motor up the Tuichi and Beni rivers for camping and forest treks. Try to avoid the rainy season during the first months of the year unless you enjoy getting drenched.

Activities include arts and crafts, bow-andarrow fishing, and treks down trails lined with ancient trees to visit nitrate and salt beds, macaw nests, and Moseten and Tsiman villages. Drop by their offices on Calle Santa Cruz in Rurrenabaque. The surrounding wilderness is phenomenally diverse, from cloud forest to dry tropical forest to savannah, and home to howler, spider, capuchin, and squirrel monkeys, plus tapirs and jaguars.

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On the night hike, don a headlamp and visit frogs and other nocturnal creatures. The lodge itself is reachable by dugout canoe. Help fight the destruction by supporting organizations like Amazon Watch, which works with local 60 Places Every Woman Should Go groups throughout the basin to defend the environment, as well as the rights of communities.

In the past fifty years, Californian Betsy White has crested peaks on every continent but Antarctica and was in several instances the second woman in recorded history to do so. Packing lighter is better, but be prepared for emergencies with a parka, mittens, warm hat, and enough water and food to last an extra night. Trekking poles are also a good idea: they help the knees, are good for balance, and can fend off nasty dogs or people.

Rocky, glaciated towers and virgin peaks pave the path and adventurous snowboarders can go sliding at 17, feet. It is home to Himalayan bears, ibex, markhors, and snow leopards, but almost no people aside from the occasional shepherd. A good guide is essential, and Betsy swears by hers: Nazir Sabir out of Islamabad.

Several thousand chamois live in the park, and herds can often be spotted charging up the rocky terrain. Ermines and wolves prowl around, too, but glimpses of them are rare. Archaeological sites abound, including Bronze Age-era petroglyphs etched at the foot of Mont Bego. A few centuries later, historians reestimated their height at a more probable, though still impressive, six-foot-six.

Big feet would certainly be helpful traversing the rugged terrain, much of which is covered with shingle. To avoid the thickest crowds, visit late in the fall or in March and April. Spanning a mile, the waters of the Zambezi River cascade feet into a gorge and then streak the sky with rainbows as spray leaps 1, feet back up into the air. European eyes first saw the falls in , when local tribesmen led explorer David Livingstone here by canoe.

Although they already had the lovely name Mosi-O-Tunya Smoke That Thunders , he coined them Victoria Falls after his Queen, and a nearby landmass that splits the falls in two was later pegged Livingstone Island in his honor. Despite being a serious tourist trap, both are worth a visit. Two-thirds of Victoria Falls are in Zambia; the rest, in Zimbabwe. While the latter is said to have the best views, many travelers avoid spending money there so as not to support the government of President Robert Mugabe. Among other things, his abhorrent policies and negligence have led to the shocking drop in life expectancy among Zimbabwean women from sixty-one years to thirty-four years—the lowest in the world.

Specific Event Identifiers a. Event type: Outdoor music festival. Event onset date: December 3, Location of event: Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park. Dates and times of observation in latitude, longitude, and elevation: December 3, , Response type: Event medical support. Abstract Introduction Young adult patrons are vulnerable to risk-taking behavior, including drug taking, at outdoor music festivals.

Therefore, the aim of this field report is to discuss the on-site medical response during a music festival , and subsequently highlight observed strategies aimed at minimizing substance abuse harm. The observed outdoor music festival was held in Canberra Australian Capital Territory [ACT], Australia during the early summer of , with an attendance of 23, patrons.

First aid and on-site medical treatment data were gained from the relevant treatment area and service. The integrated first aid service provided support to patients. Final analysis consisted of patients' records, with Results from this report indicated that drug intoxication was an observed event issue, with 15 5. This report details an important public health need, which could be met by providing a coordinated approach, including a robust on-site medical service, accepting intrinsic risk-taking behavior. This may include on-site drug-checking, providing reliable information on drug content with associated education.

An effective risk minimization strategy applied to an outdoor music festival : a multi-agency approach. Full Text Available This article focus on the concept o brand love, a kind of affectionable, deep and lasting relationship established between consumers and brands, which results in beneficial consequences for firms. Having in mind the growing importance of services and the lack of studies on brand love in the service context, this research defined as object of study the summer festivals in Portugal, major music and entertaining events based on strong brands.

More specifically, this article diagnosis the concept of brand love and it identifies the consequences of that consumers' love with summer festivals. It was carried out a questionnaire to the consumers of the main summer festivals in Portugal, which obtained responses. The results show that the word-of-mouth and the active participation of consumers are the main consequences of this kind of relationship based on brand love, while loyalty and willingness to pay a premium-price are less evident consequences. The results of this study suggest that it is essential that brands create emotional bonds with consumers aiming at the developing of brand love.

This kind of relationship that causes consumers' active participation and word-of-mouth imply that consumers behave as brand ambassadors, allowing brands to strength its competitive position. II delayed death--following music festival ]. Many questions concerned a causality and a circumstances of the incident arose immediately. The forensic autopsies of victims aged man and aged woman represented a very special expertise act in police investigation of the case. While it seems many music educators share an enthusiasm for music festivals , others do not.

Discrepancies seem to be rooted in the perceived educational outcomes in terms of musical knowledge gained, motivation, competition, psychological impact and social considerations. Advocates believe competitive festivals provide a "superlative"…. The matter of marketing communication of music festivals in Czech Republic. Theoretical part of this bachelor thesis focuses on arts marketing, marketing communications and commercial communications in general, and marketing and communication mix of music festivals. In the last part of this work propose my own recommendation for the future activities of mar Electronic dance music EDM festivals are increasingly common and psychoactive substance use is prevalent.

Although prehospital care can obviate the transfer of many attendees to health care facilities HCFs , little is known regarding the emergency department ED burden of patients presenting from EDM festivals. This study describes the patient volume, length of stay LOS , and presenting complaints of patients from a 3-day EDM festival in close proximity to an area ED.

Additionally, preparedness techniques are described. Three patients required intensive care or step-down unit admission for endotracheal intubation, rhabdomyolysis, and protracted altered mental status. All patients presented within the hours of pm and am. ED arrival times clustered during the evening and were associated with prolonged LOS. Few patients required hospital admission, but admitted patients required high levels of care.

HCFs should use these data as a guide in planning for future events. All rights reserved. Illnesses and deaths among persons attending an electronic dance- music festival - New York City, Outdoor electronic dance- music festivals EDMFs are typically summer events where attendees can dance for hours in hot temperatures.

EDMFs have received increased media attention because of their growing popularity and reports of illness among attendees associated with recreational drug use. MDMA causes euphoria and mental stimulation but also can cause serious adverse effects, including hyperthermia, seizures, hyponatremia, rhabdomyolysis, and multiorgan failure. In this report, MDMA and other synthetic drugs commonly used at dance festivals are referred to as "synthetic club drugs.

DOHMH conducted an investigation to identify and characterize adverse events resulting in emergency department ED visits among festival A attendees and to determine what drugs were associated with these adverse events. The investigation identified 22 cases of adverse events; nine cases were severe, including two deaths. Of 17 patients with toxicology testing, MDMA and other compounds were identified, most frequently methylone, in 11 patients. Public health messages and strategies regarding adverse health events might reduce illnesses and deaths at EDMFs. On the 15th July, ten of the finest MusiClub bands plus a DJs set will come on stage to amuse the crowd on its 26th edition.

The show will run from 3. A bar, a stand for food and second-hand stall all for charity plus the legendary free bouncy castle for kids will ensure you have a great time. Entrance is free for CERN members. Their friends and relatives will have to be registered in a guest-list available in the festival 's website. The festival can only take place thanks to the volunteers helping us run it.

If you want to take part in this great collective effort, please send an e-mail to contact-hardronic cern. The MusiClub would Initiations, interactions, cognoscenti: social and cultural capital in the music festival experience. This thesis explores the role of social and cultural capital in the music festival experience. It does so by gathering observations and post- festival accounts from attendees at three separate music festivals located in England.

The data were analysed using Fairclough's approach to critical discourse analysis, resulting in the identification of styles and orders of discourse. Attendees at music festivals are at high-risk for novel psychoactive substance NPS use, which is becoming more prevalent worldwide. Objectives The objective of this study was to improve understanding of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of festival attendees using NPS and DOA. Methods We conducted semi-structured interviews of attendees during the Sonic Bloom and Arise music festivals in Colorado in and Discrete variables were summarized with descriptive statistics.

The anonymous, multi-domain interview documented the knowledge, attitudes beliefs, and practices underlying DOA use, which were analyzed with qualitative methods. Results We enrolled participants that endorsed DOA use at the festivals. Nearly all unanimously reported normalization of DOA at music festivals. Participants popularly cited empathogenic, entactogenic, and entheogenic effects of DOA as their primary motivations for use.

NPS use was endorsed by Conclusions This population of novel psychoactive substance users is primarily composed of experienced drug users that endorsed use because of low cost, minimal perceived risk, accessibility, and normalization of drug use at music festivals. Drugs of abuse DOA are widely used in the United States and are ubiquitous at outdoor music festivals. The objective of this study was to improve understanding of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of festival attendees using NPS and DOA.

We conducted semi-structured interviews of attendees during the Sonic Bloom and Arise music festivals in Colorado in and We enrolled participants that endorsed DOA use at the festivals. This population of novel psychoactive substance users is primarily composed of experienced drug users that endorsed use because of low cost, minimal perceived risk, accessibility, and normalization of drug use at music festivals.

Guerilla Science: Outreach at music and art festival. Guerilla Science a non-profit science education organization that, since , has brought live events to unconventional venues for science, such as music festivals , art galleries, banquets, department stores and theaters. Guerilla Science sets science free by taking it out of the lab and into the traditional domains of the arts. By producing events that mix science with art, music and play, they create unique opportunities for adult audiences to experience science in unorthodox ways, such as interactive events, games, live experiments, demonstrations and performances by academics, artists, musicians, actors, and professional science communicators.

Much of Guerilla Science's work has focused on astrophysical and terrestrial plasmas, and this presentation will provide an overview of Guerilla Science's work in this area. Guerilla Science has produced over twenty events, receiving international media coverage, and directly reached over fifteen thousand members of the public. Evaluation of different smoking habits during music festivals through wastewater analysis. Wastewater analysis is a powerful method that can provide useful information about the abuse of legal and illicit drugs. The aim of our study was to determine nicotine consumption during four different music festivals and to find a connection between smoking and preferences for specific music styles using wastewater analysis.

The amount of the nicotine metabolite cotinine was monitored in wastewater at the influent of three waste water treatment plants WWTPs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the festivals took place. More than 80, festival participants were monitored during our study from June to September A significant increase of nicotine consumption was observed in wastewaters during music festivals. The nicotine ingestion level was back-calculated and expressed as mass of pure drug consumed per day and per inhabitants for selected cities of both countries. No significant increase of the amounts of cotinine in wastewater was recorded for the Country and Folk festivals.

Whilst rural idylls have dominated some discussions of rural social difference, little attention has been paid to rural utopias. Imagined, material and discursive experiences of utopian rural ideals are critically examined in this paper. The economic impact of Music festivals on the tourism economy. Nos Alice case study. In the recent times, music festivals are being used as relevant tools for tourism development and promotion thanks to their capacity to attract tourists in every moment of the year.

For this reason, it becomes extremely important for policy-makers and festival organizers to quantify and examine the economic, social and cultural impact of these special events on the local economy. The main objective of this Full Text Available The decision to visit a festival or an event is a directed activity initiated by a wish to fulfil certain cultural need. Although motives only represent one of the variables describing visitor behaviour besides learning, cultural conditioning and social influences, they form a crucial point that initiates decision making.

The results were based on questionnaires. The factor analysis generated three items: socialization; exploration of the festival programme and atmosphere; and perception of the festival and learning. Full Text Available The present paper surveys the history of the Warsaw Autumn festival focusing on changes in the Festival programming. I discuss the circumstances of organising a cyclic contemporary music festival of international status in Poland. Initial strong emphasis on the presentation of 20th-century classics was gradually replaced by an attempt to reflect different tendencies and new phenomena, also those combining music with other arts.

The idea of introducing leitmotifs, different for each Festival edition such as: music involving human voice, mainly electronic, etc. We place 33 fixed-location Bluetooth scanners in strategic spots around the festival area to discover Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones The obtained structure in the form of clusters of concerts and participants is then interpreted using meta-information about music genres, band origins, stages, and dates Medical care and organisation at the Roskilde Music Festival : a prospective observational study.

Music festivals , with a mix of music , alcohol and camping at the festival site combined with low hygiene, have become an integral part of society and attracts large numbers of guests. Our study was performed in order to increase the very limited knowledge on health-care issues and organisation of major music festivals. Pre-defined illness and injury categories were constructed based on categories previously reported from music festivals. During 10 days, more than , guests and volunteers attended the Roskilde Festival.

Ten thousand six hundred thirty patient presentations were registered between the 30th of June and 9th of July by the MHCO. The majority of patient presentations, , could be handled by first-aid volunteers with different levels of training. The remaining patient presentations were assessed to require further health-care competencies or additional resources such as prescriptions, medication or suturing.

Two hundred thirty-eight patient presentations were triaged to a designated observation area. Two hundred sixty patients were referred to a local hospital, a general practitioner or a dentist. Our study demonstrates that illnesses and injuries are frequent, although mostly minor, in this normally low-risk population consisting of primarily young and healthy guests.

However, comparison with other recent events was difficult as only limited data have been published from other music festivals. Future festivals should publish similar data. The counterspaces framework articulated by Case and Hunter , follows from community psychology's long-standing interest in the potential for settings to promote well-being and liberatory responses to oppression. This framework proposes that certain settings i.

We argue that an intersectional analysis is crucial to understand whether and how counterspaces achieve these goals. We draw from literature on safe spaces and present a case study of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Michfest to illustrate the value of an intersectional analysis and explore how these processes operate.

Based on 20 in-person interviews, 23 responses to an online survey, and ethnographic field notes, we show how Michfest was characterized by a particular intersection of identities at the setting level, and intersectional diversity complicated experiences at the individual level. Moreover, intersectional identities provided opportunities for dialogue and change at the setting level, including the creation of counterspaces within counterspaces. Overall, we demonstrate the need to attend to intersectionality in counterspaces, and more broadly in how we conceptualize settings in community psychology.

Hall, Karina M. To determine the confidence and ability to use condoms correctly and consistently and the predictors of confidence in young Australians attending a festival. Full Text Available This article examines the origins, organization and goals of the first Chervona ruta music festival against the background of the perestroika period, which was characterized by a deepening anxiety over the plight of Ukrainian culture.

In Ivan Dziuba gave voice to these issues in an essay that, among other things, pointed to the shortcomings of Ukrainian pop culture.

The present paper shows how, in its own way, the festival became a response to such concerns, and how the problems and limitation of the festival itself reflected the serious cultural situation in Ukraine. Oxegen the impact of a major music festival on the workload of a local hospital. This prospective observational study was undertaken to assess the impact of a major music festival on the workload of a local hospital.

Data were collected on all attendances at Naas General Hospital from the nearby Oxegen music festival. Patient demographics, disposition and diagnoses were recorded. Emergency department activity levels were compared before, during and after the festival. We conclude that despite the provision of on-site medical facilities, major music events are associated with a significant increase in local health care activity and expenditure.

Recreational drug use at a major music festival : trend analysis of anonymised pooled urine. We aimed to detect classical recreational drugs and NPS in the urine of music festival attendees and evaluate if the use of NPS Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 44 urine samples were collected from three urinals at Roskilde Festival —the largest Danish music festival. Samples were prepared using enzymatic hydrolysis followed by cationic and anionic solid phase extraction, and analysed using ultra performance liquid chromatography-high-resolution time-of-flight mass A cross-sectional survey of young people attending a music festival : associations between drug use and musical preference.

Drug use is becoming normalised among young Australian people involved in music sub-cultures. We aimed to determine prevalences of illicit drug use in this population and associations between preferences for different music genres and recent use of particular illicit drugs. A cross-sectional questionnaire of young people aged years attending a music festival. Data were processed using an in-house library of target substances, including legal and illegal drugs and metabolites. Results: In total, 77 drugs, including metabolites Competition is reported in the general education literature as having a largely detrimental impact upon student engagement and long-term motivation, yet competition has long been an accepted part of the music education ensemble landscape.

Adjudicated ensemble competitions and competition- festivals are commonplace in most Australian states, as…. Dialogue and cooperation in musical partnerships : evaluation report The Operaflat, a project by Yo! Opera Festival. Opera asked the Lectorate Lifelong Learning in Music to evaluate the project The Operaflat, which was part of the fourth edition of the Yo!

Opera Festival in Utrecht, in Hardronic Festival. Twelve of the best bands in the CERN Musiclub played an assortment of excellent music ranging from country to pop and rock, ending with metal mayhem by midnight, which spread havoc amongst a crowd of students who rocked and headbanged into the night. The use of tobacco and cannabis at an international music festival.

Music festivals are known to attract a high proportion of drug users. Using a survey of 1, visitors at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, we assessed substance use at the festival , the incidence of use of substances among never-users and the incidence of use among lifetime users who had not used a substance in the past 12 months. New onset of tobacco use was reported by 9.

New onset of other types of substances was reported by less than 0. New onset smokers of cannabis were significantly younger than never-smokers. Music festivals such as the Roskilde Festival may be important arenas for the prevention of onset of tobacco and cannabis use and for a return to substance use. Karger AG, Basel. Health care in a unique setting: applying emergency medicine at music festivals. Coupled with this has been the development of the trend for major sporting events that were once confined to stadia to be accompanied by mass gatherings of spectators and fans in "fan parks" and public places.

The majority of music festivals and sporting events are considered to be mass gatherings, using the popular definition of more than people in one place. Published studies are almost exclusively retrospective reviews or case studies of the care provided at individual events. Prospective studies analyzing the role of medical professionals and the quality of care provided at mass gathering events are extremely rare. This literature review aims to summarize the current literature and provide an opportunity to identify new and exciting avenues for research into this unique field. Keywords: emergency medicine, mass gatherings, festivals , training, governance.

To assess the impact of the Parklife annual music festival on the local hospital, North Manchester General. Data was obtained retrospectively by analysis of emergency department records during the weekend of Parklife One patient had a methaemoglobin fraction of Music festivals can impose a burden on local health services. Organisers should operate an efficient surveillance system in order to prevent the sale and use of recreational drugs, providing adequate on-site health services and working in collaboration with local emergency services.

The last 25 years has seen an explosion in the popularity of outdoor music festivals , especially in the UK. Surveillance of drug use among young people attending a music festival in Australia, In order to monitor trends in illicit drug use among youth, surveillance of drug use behaviours among a variety of populations in different settings is required. We monitored drug use among music festival attendees.

Cross-sectional studies of young people's reported drug use were performed at a music festival in Melbourne from to Self-administered questionnaires collected information on drug use, demographics and other risk behaviour. From to , over questionnaires were completed by people aged ; men and women. After adjusting for age and sex the downwards trend was repeated for amphetamines and cannabis, but a significant increase in prevalence was observed in hallucinogen, ecstasy and inhalant use.

Drug use was more common among men, older participants and those engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour. Illicit drug use was much more common in this sample than in the National Drug Strategy Household survey, but the direction of trends in drug use were similar; drug use prevalences were much lower than in the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System, the Illicit Drug Reporting System or National Needle and Syringe Program Survey. Music festival attendees are a potentially useful group for monitoring trends in illicit drug use.

Free Entrance - for more information, visit the event site Run 2 of the LHC began this spring, bringing with it hopes and promise of new physics and discovery. One of many key items on the LHC shopping list is the existence of new spatial dimensions, a potential means to harmonise gravity in our theoretical understanding of nature. Their programme includes a lesson on sound sculpture and the addition of spatial dimensi The weight of stakeholders on festival management. The case of music festivals in Italy.

Dentro del sector de los eventos, los festivales representan un sub-campo que comparte similitudes y particularidades, en contraste con otros tipos de evento. New onset smokers of cannabis were significantly younger Care of children at a large outdoor music festival in the United Kingdom. Limited data exist on the standard of care provided for children at mass gatherings and special events MGSE. Some studies provide valuable insight into the proportion of pediatric patients that can be expected at various types of MGSEs, but an accurate breakdown of the range of pediatric conditions treated at major events has yet to be produced.

Such data are essential for the preparation of MGSEs so that the health and safety of children at such events can be adequately safeguarded. The aim of this study is to examine the care requirements for children at a large, outdoor music festival in the United Kingdom.

A retrospective review of all patient report forms PRFs from a large, outdoor music festival held in Leeds UK in Data were extracted from the PRFs using a standardized proforma and analyzed using an Excel computer program. Children presented with a range of conditions that varied from those seen in the adult population. No critical care incidents involving children were encountered during the event. Mass gatherings and special events in the UK, such as outdoor music festivals , can involve a large number of children who access medical care for a different range of conditions compared to adults.

The care of children at large, outdoor music events should not be overlooked. Event planning in the UK should include measures to ensure that appropriately trained and equipped medical teams are used at music festivals to safeguard the welfare of children who. Deaths at music festivals are not infrequently reported in the media; however, the true mortality burden is difficult to determine as the deaths are not yet systematically documented in the academic literature. This was a literature search for case examples using academic and gray literature sources, employing both retrospective and prospective searches of media sources from Mortality rates cannot be reported as the total attendance at events is not known.

The methodology presented in this manuscript confirms that deaths occur not uncommonly at music festivals , and it represents a starting point in the documentation and surveillance of mortality. Turris SA , Lund A. Mortality at music festivals : academic and grey literature for case finding. This is a descriptive report of patients who presented for medical attention at an annual electronic dance music festival EDMF. This descriptive report examined consecutive patients who presented to the medical tent of a summertime EDMF held at an outdoor venue with an active, mobile, bounded crowd.

Alcohol was available for sale. Entry was restricted to persons 18 years and older. The festival occurred on three consecutive days with a total cumulative attendance of 58, Data collected included demographics, past medical history, vital signs, physical exam, drug and alcohol use, interventions performed, and transport decisions. Eighty-four patients were enrolled over 2. Six were transported and zero died. The ages of the subjects ranged from 17 to 61 years. Electronic dance music festivals are a growing trend and a new challenge for Mass-Gathering Medicine as new strategies must be employed to decrease TTHR and mortality.

Addressing common and expected medical emergencies at mass-gathering events through awareness, preparation, and early, focused medical interventions may. Social media and festival experience. In the past two years [] we have done research on the visitor experience of music festivals. We conducted several surveys asking festival visitors for demographic variables, taste in music , their motivation for visiting festivals , mentalities and the evaluation of the festival.

We also. Alcohol and other drug use and sexual risk behaviour are increasing among young Australians, with associated preventable health outcomes such as sexually transmissible infections STIs on the rise. A cross-sectional study of young people's health behaviours conducted at a music festival in Melbourne, Australia, in Substance use correlated strongly with risky sexual behaviour.

Full Text Available In the period of domination of socialist realism and moderate modernism, which meant for the Serbian post-war musical creativity isolation from the European and world trends of musical avant-garde, during the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century music of the Serbian and Yugoslav composers of the younger generation becomes more open to a new sound concepts of serialism, aleatory, electronic media and minimalism. Beside two institutional musical places where the contemporary world and national music was performed and promoted - International Music Biennale Zagreb, founded in and annual Review of Yugoslav Music in Opatija, founded in since under the name Review of Musical Creativity of Yugoslavia, concert and festival stages in the leading musical centers in former Yugoslavia have shown considerable restraint to the contemporary music.

Despite the best efforts of event producers and on-site medical teams, there are sometimes serious illnesses, life-threatening injuries, and fatalities related to music festival attendance. Producers, clinicians, and researchers are actively seeking ways to reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with these events. After analyzing the available literature on music festival health and safety, several major themes emerged. Principally, stakeholder groups planning in isolation from one another ie, in silos create fragmentation, gaps, and overlap in plans for major planned events MPEs.

The authors hypothesized that one approach to minimizing this fragmentation may be to create a framework to "connect the dots," or join together the many silos of professionals responsible for safety, security, health, and emergency planning at MPEs. Adapted from the well-established literature regarding the management of cardiac arrests, both in and out of hospital, the "chain of survival" concept is applied to the disparate groups providing services that support event safety in the context of music festivals.

The authors propose this framework for describing, understanding, coordinating and planning around the integration of safety, security, health, and emergency service for events. The adapted Event Chain of Survival contains six interdependent links, including: 1 event producers; 2 police and security; 3 festival health; 4 on-site medical services; 5 ambulance services; and 6 off-site medical services.

The authors argue that adapting and applying this framework in the context of MPEs in general, and music festivals specifically, has the potential to break down the current disconnected approach to event safety, security, health, and emergency planning.

Feminism, Poetry, Images, Politics

It offers a means of shifting the focus from a purely reactive stance to a more proactive, collaborative, and integrated approach. Improving health outcomes for music festival attendees, reducing gaps in planning. Using quantitative wastewater analysis to measure daily usage of conventional and emerging illicit drugs at an annual music festival. Wastewater analysis provides a non-intrusive way of measuring drug use within a population.

We used this approach to determine daily use of conventional illicit drugs [cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine MDMA ] and emerging illicit psychostimulants benzylpiperazine, mephedrone and methylone in two consecutive years and at an annual music festival. Daily composite wastewater samples, representative of the festival , were collected from the on-site wastewater treatment plant and analysed for drug metabolites. Data over 2 years were compared using Wilcoxon matched-pair test. Data from festival were compared with data collected at the same time from a nearby urban community using equivalent methods.

Conventional illicit drugs were detected in all samples whereas emerging illicit psychostimulants were found only on specific days. The estimated per capita consumption of MDMA, cocaine and cannabis was similar between the two festival years. Statistically significant P popularity in music settings. Our study demonstrated that wastewater analysis can objectively capture changes in substance use at a music setting without raising major ethical issues. It would potentially allow effective assessments of drug prevention strategies in such settings in the future.

Aim: Pooled human urine and soil from urinating spots were collected anonymously at a Scandinavian music festival. Samples should be screened for drugs of abuse, particularly novel psychoactive substances NPS , but also therapeutic drugs and ethanol. Methods: Twenty-one urine samples were Conclusions: NPS were detected neither in urine nor in soil samples.

This might be due to low concentrations based on their negligible consumption at the studied festival MAUS reached underserved groups and attracted large enthusiastic crowds. Many young children participated in this family learning experience-often the first time they looked through a telescope. Outcomes: While education! Multivariate analyses showed confidence was associated with being male P Use of synthetic stimulants and hallucinogens in a cohort of electronic dance music festival attendees.

Novel psychoactive substances NPS , often characterized as unregulated psychoactive compounds designed to circumvent existing legislation, have become mainstream on the illicit drug market. Because of their physical and mind-altering properties, NPS may be deliberately or inadvertently ingested at electronic dance music EDM festivals to enhance the attendees' appreciation of the music and overall experience.

Their widespread use at EDM festivals have been well documented and several adverse events and fatalities associated with NPS ingestion have been reported in the United States. The diversity and rapid turnover in the prevalence of any particular NPS at any given point of time has created several challenges for public health officials, law enforcement, and forensic science communities. Epidemiological studies are often published long after drugs have cycled through the peak of their popularity with users and the scope of testing frequently failing to detect, identify or report the most recently available drugs.

The aims of the study included discovering emerging NPS, ascertaining their overall prevalence and determining patterns of use and trends within this targeted population. Over the course of two years, biological samples were collected from blood samples; urine samples; and oral fluid samples EDM festival attendees.

Additionally, survey data regarding prescription and recreational drug use within the last week were collected with follow-up questions related to what substance s the person had ingested, amount taken, when the substance was last taken and perceived effects. Users most commonly reported using marijuana and alcohol, followed by "Molly" and cocaine. Of the individuals tested.

Traditional music and the anatomy of the festival network between Yugoslavian cultural politics and vernacular values. Full Text Available As official policies in the post-war Yugoslavia were oriented towards economy, mainly tied to towns, rural areas were focused on agriculture to a large extent, as it had been before.

Since people in villages felt determined to maintain their local culture, customs and music , the State officials had to find ways to articulate uncanny social behaviors. The discussion of this paper intends to form a dialogue on the transformation of social structure and politics, which gradually led to severe changes in the areas of traditional musical practice. Surveillance of STI risk behaviour among young people attending a music festival in Australia,