Chronicles of Conan Volume 9: Riders of the River-Dragons and Other Stories: v. 9

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The series ended with issue 25 in November It featured Roy Thomas as the writer and Mike Hawthorne as the primary artist on the series. Brian Wood 's run on the series was twenty-five issues and expanded on Robert E.

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Howard's original story " Queen of the Black Coast ". Howard's Savage Sword , and were later collected in the trade paperbacks for that series. King Conan was a miniseries about Conan during his time as king of Aquilonia. Some of these collections also collect issues from the Conan line of comics, yet they were not collected as part the chronological collections. This volume series collects the complete run of Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian unless noted , digitally re-coloured. This volume series collects the complete run of Marvel Comics' King Conan , with five issues in each volume:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see The Legend of Conan. For the mythos, see Conan the Barbarian. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved January 13, Mania Comics. Retrieved Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 12 October USA Today. Dark Horse Comics. Retrieved 25 December Conan the Barbarian. Conan books. Robert E. Sprague de Camp Roland J. Green John C. Hocking Robert Jordan Sean A. Conan Unchained! Conan Against Darkness! Crom Mitra Set. The Hyborian Age Conan chronologies.

Thurian Age. Cohen the Barbarian Conan the Librarian. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A double panel from issue 0 — The Legend.

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November — February Conan the Legend [3]. Scott Campbell. Kurt Busiek, adapting Robert E. Howard's " The Frost Giant's Daughter ". Howard's " The God in the Bowl ". Conan's Favorite Joke [5]. Howard's " The Tower of the Elephant ". Storyteller [5]. Mike Mignola, adapting Robert E. Howard's synopsis " The Hall of the Dead ".

They Shall Be Lords Again [5]. In the Tower of Tara-Teth [5]. He realised the gap in the book market and the gulf between the rich and poor, and decided to make books available to all men, women and children regardless of class. In this ambition, he succeeded admirably. The centre would then lend books to its subscribers at 2d per week or 5s per annum.

Stead's library was very different from others as it contained a large number of children's books. At the same time he launched the "Masterpiece Library", whose aim was to produce "within the compass of about a hundred clearly printed pages, the cream of the literature of the world". Board school teachers and public elementary schools were lavish in their praise and the press gave excellent reviews of the new series.

Stead realised that if he was to succeed in his aim for books for everyone, he had to publish a series that would appeal to young children and be cheap enough for them to buy. He was aware that he would never have reached the pinnacle of success if books had not been made available to him at an early age.

He was also anxious to preach his gospel of the true Christian way of life to the receptive minds of the young. Two months later, in March , the first number of Books for the Bairns was published. Aesop's Fables contained sixty-four pages with almost two hundred line drawings by the Irish artist Brinsley Le Fanu. These illustrations were meant to say in pictures what the child was as yet unable to read and within a year sales rose rapidly to , a month. The titles that were published see bibliography below were from a wide range of well-known classics.

All reflected the Victorian moral principles: Christianity, devotion to the monarchy and goodwill to all. Stead wrote a foreword to most of his Books for the Bairns. Some of these preludes make interesting reading. In number seven, Cinderella, he states that at that time, severe criticism was directed at fairy tales. He quotes the critics' description of fairy tales as "pestilent stuff full of false science and erroneous views encouraging all sorts of superstition".

Stead counteracts this, by saying he wants to send his collection of fairy tales "to a hundred thousand households confident that good not evil would come from popularizing these delightful romances of childhood". He concludes, "there have been many collections of fairy tales; they have been the Perquisite of the Rich but with Books for the Bairns, I will make them the Privilege of the Poor". In More Nursery Rhymes, number nineteen, Stead states that he has made a small alteration in the rhyme of Mother Goose. Instead of calling the rogue to whom Jack sold his goose, "a rascally Jew", he has changed it to "Screw, to avoid hurting the people who have been most cruelly used for nearly two thousand years".

Warming to his theme of racial prejudice in Fairy Tales from China, number fifty-two, he preaches, "I hope you may never grow up to despise other people because they are not like yourself: they are often better than you". Even so, Stead's description of negroes as "little darkies" and "curly-headed woolly pated blackies", in the introduction to Old Brer Rabbit, number six, would certainly not be accepted in today's language.

In The Enchanted Doll, number forty-nine, the message is "try to love the boy or girl you dislike most and crush the nasty feeling of grudging envy - for LOVE is the Good Fairy of Life". In Gulliver's Travels, number eleven, Stead describes Dean Swift as a man who uses his writings "to strike men and women and make them feel sometimes if they had been lashed in the face with a whip". He goes on to say, "Swift's objective was to hold up to men and women, a glass in which they could see all their weaknesses and so in the end despise their faults". Introducing Brothers Grimm, number , Stead writes that "they only gathered up the stories of common poor folk, who had no books.

Wise, great and rich men never cared to listen to such nonsense but these stories have done good to you and me and have brought mirth and joy into millions of homes". He continues by asking his "Bairns" to "pass their books to the poor". On the subject of patriotism, in number thirty-six, Great Events in British History, he preaches "that in order to make life worth living for the millions, there must always be some who are ready to die for their fellow men".

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Again in number forty-three, King Arthur, he says, "God grant that when you come to pass hence, you may have been like King Arthur, tender, brave and chivalrous, loving-hearted and just". He describes Tom Thumb, number thirty-nine, as "a true-hearted son who cared more for his humble home and his loving mother than for all the splendours of the King's Court". On the appreciation of Mother Nature he encourages his "Bairns" to "always do to your pets what you would wish your parents to do to you" and in the Story of The Robins, number nine, his sermon is on the robbing of birds' nests.

However, as the years passed fewer lectures appear in the Books for the Bairns as his involvement with world affairs grew. His sermons had found an international clientele and his aim was to reform the world. In , Stead brought out a new series of thirteen paperbacks entitled Collection Stead, a French edition of some of the most popular titles from the Books for the Bairns. In France the Books for the Bairns had been sold successfully to French schools for the teaching of English.

Stead thought that using the French edition alongside the English edition would facilitate the teaching of the respective languages in both countries.

Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

All thirteen titles were translated into French by Mile. Latappy and were published in Paris, using the same illustrators and in the same format as their English counterparts. The cost of each number was twopence, post free, while schools were charged ten shillings per hundred including post and packing. In W. Stead made arrangements with the same French publisher in Paris to reissue the first thirteen titles again and to continue producing more French titles.

Simultaneously they were printed in a French series entitled "Les Livres roses pour la jeunesse": each title was given the same running number in both series. However, the First World War made it increasingly difficult to continue and though "Les Livres roses pour la jeunesse" carried on for a number of years, Collection Stead ended with number in From , most titles dealt with war subjects and it is interesting to note that two of the titles, La Guerre sur mer and La Guerre dans les airs correspond to War at Sea and War in the Air, the second and third titles of the Puffin Picture Book Series published in during the Second World War.

The "Penny Novels" and the Review of Reviews were phased out at the turn of the century but Books for the Bairns continued. In , Stead made a successful appeal for benefactors to buy for the poorhouse children a set of fifty Books for the Bairns at nineteen shillings the set. When he died in , the editorship was taken over by his daughter, Estelle.

The series ended in with the final number , entitled The Story of Bent Pin, where it was stated that it was the last issue at present, but that all titles were still available by post from the "Stead Publishing House". These were weekly titles with large coloured letters and figures on a white background.

A different colour was used with each issue. However, when on 7th August , they were discontinued with issue 28 entitled The Wonderful Ship, not even offers of free crystal wireless sets could attract customers. In Ernest Benn Ltd. Ernest Benn's edition had an entirely different cover in a dull blue and was slightly bigger than the original. These also failed to capture the children's imagination because by then other publishers had realised the lucrative market of children's books.

Though many publishers succeeded with hardback children's books, it was not until , when Allen Lane began the "Puffin" series, that W. Stead's sales enterprise and instant success were ever matched in the paperback industry. Webmaster's Note This article was first published as "Biography of W. Stead", in Sally Wood-Lamont's, "W.

Alternate History

My thanks to the author for permission to reproduce her work here. The Great Educator. Image Gallery. About this Website. Buy Now! Works about Stead. E Webmaster's Note Notes 1. Baylen, J. Robertson Scott, J. Ibid, p. Stead, Estelle, My Father, London , p.

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Oct Stories from "Sandford and Merton" Nov Fables of the Fontaine Stead with Bewick's engravings May Tales of Long Ago Jul Fairy Tales from China Jul The Redcross Knight Part 1 Jul The Redcross Knight Part 2 Aug Storybook of Country Scenes Sept Fairy Tales from India Nov Snow Queen , by Hans Andersen.

Dec The Bairns' Bible , by W. Harris Mar Pictures from England's Story Apr Pictures from England's Story Part 2 May Stories from Ancient Rome Jul Uncle Tom's Cabin Part1 Aug Uncle Tom's Cabin Part 2 Sep Alfred the Great Nov Cinderella, a Musical Play Dec Father Christmas, the Editors Story Jan Don Quixote Part 1 Feb Max and Moritz , by the author of Merry Thoughts.

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Illustrated by Constance Foxley. Stapleton Nov Mother Michael and her Cat Jan The Flying Dutchman Illustrated by Richard Doyle. Reid Dec Alice Goes to Court Part 2 of Feb Old Fireside Tales Clair Tisdall.

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Jun Heroes in Real Life Jul A Flight from Fairyland Aug The Magic Seven Sep Stories of the Persian Kings , by W. Le Fanu and Mrs Bishop-Culpeper. May Prince or Tailor? Jun Tales from Tennyson , by Edith L. Jul The King of the Swans Aug The Story of Undine Nov Ali Baba and the Thieves: a Play Feb A Little Grey Man.

Translated from the French of Ed. Mar The Swallow from the Land of Egypt Jun The Pride of Princess Olga.