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  1. Review: The Captive loses the audience
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Local media reported that she was found hanged in the [ Griffin [ The exclusive video obtained by Variety [ The 54th Karlovy Vary Film Festival kicked off Friday with a short explainer in communist-era culture from host Marek Eben, who commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic with a tribute to a retro snack. Eben reminded audiences of what the evening would have looked like if not for the [ By Justin Chang.

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Review: The Captive loses the audience

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Login Follow Us. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Sign Up. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Close menu. The film doesn't convince as a conventional thriller, and as some kind of dream-like fantasy of noir evil, it is frankly dubious.

The Ultimate Captive Insurance Value

Rosario Dawson's cop is supposedly the figurehead for some charity which has something to do with her police work but what, exactly? So she attends a fancy ball in a sexy Cinderella gown, and is then kidnapped by some black-wigged villainess working for the vengeful paedophiles — by slipping a mickey finn into her drink! Has a grownup person written this script? It is embarrassingly unconvincing. The real nadir comes when the paedophile actually allows Matthew a face-to-face meeting with the now teenage Cassandra: he sets up a meet in a remote and snowy spot.

See a Problem?

Father and daughter embrace but when Matthew shows signs of wanting to take Cassandra away, the concealed bad guy shoots him with a stun-dart. Was there a scene in which Matthew wakes up, befuddled, to find Cassandra gone?

Captives (1994) Tim Roth, Julia Ormond. Subtitled (English and Spanish)

I may have missed it. I felt like I had been shot with a stun-dart myself. Then there is the appalling acting — although to be fair to the performers, they were left floundering by the fatuous script. Kevin Durand plays the evil Mika, a guy with greying hair and an unwholesome obsession with Mozart's Magic Flute.

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  5. Scott Speedman does a lot of smouldering, brooding and punching people's lights out. Rosario Dawson looks as if she is from another film entirely. Three years ago, Cannes presented a film by Markus Schleinzer, Michael, which showed that with sufficient clarity and courage, these unthinkably shocking ideas can work as cinema.