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However, Asus kept a relatively low profile over the last few months, perhaps having unveiled a slew of Ultrabooks and gaming laptops at CES However, with Computex being on Asus' home turf, we had high hopes the the company would bring the goods for this year's show - and we weren't disappointed.

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Coninciding with the Taiwanese company's 30th anniversary, Computex saw the reveal of a number of exciting new devices, many of which have limited edition variants to celebrate this year's milestone. It's handcrafted from white Italian leather diamond cut edges and rose gold accents. The lid of the laptop has the Asus 30th anniversary logo etched in karat gold plating. Dell has certainly brought the goods to Computex , with the company unleasing a number of gaming laptops in both its G3 and Alienware brands.

The new Alienware m15 and Alienware m17 launched at Computex will boast updated hardware for and a better design to keep cool inside their even thinner chassis,. Both Alienware laptops are powered by 9th-generation Intel Core i5 to i9 CPUs, which are among the best processors on the market.


Traders with the rest of the world only - what to expect on day one of a no deal scenario

Dell also announced a redesign of its excellent Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, with a newer keyboard, a larger touchpad and better, nanometer nm Intel performance. We got time to test it out with our hands-on review - and we liked what we saw.

We also got hands-on time with the new Dell XPS 15 - though the changes there were less revolutionary. Therefore, at Computex , we could see them unleash anything from new motherboards to new gaming laptops. For example, Gigabyte refreshed its Sabre gaming laptops with Intel Optane drives — the first gaming laptops to do so — at Computex All we know is that Gigabyte will be there. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours. It is still manufacturing some of the fastest processors in the world, like the Core iK. The company is off to a good start, as it has finally announced that its 10nm Ice Lake are shipping right now, and will arrive in laptops by the end of the year.

Intel Ice Lake processors will range from Core i3 to Core i7 and feature up to 4-cores and 8-threads, with turbo boost speeds up to 4. Current leaks point towards two obvious changes from the XZ3. The XZ4 is expected to come with a 6.

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This should better fit the framing of many movies while making the device easier to hold in one hand. The other big change is the move to a triple-camera setup on the rear. If the software is up to snuff, Sony could end up having a truly impressive shooter. This phone will also come with a display. Current leaks show a huge forehead, but almost no bezels on the sides and bottom.

Our top 10 economic forecasts for 12222

We expect it to announce HoloLens 2, its next augmented reality headset. For some perspective, the original HoloLens was announced way back in Instead, it worked on what would have been HoloLens 3 for more substantial improvements. On an annual basis, the pace of expansion has slowed from 6. In response to recent economic shocks - including the impact of US tariffs, which has so far been limited - policy-makers have unleashed a series of monetary and fiscal measures to help support growth and stabilize financial markets.

However, these measures are likely to remain modest. Some economies, including Brazil, India and Russia, experienced a mild pickup in growth in , while others, such as Argentina, South Africa and Turkey, came under intense financial pressure and suffered recessions or near-recessions. Going forward, emerging markets face a number of headwinds, including slowing growth in advanced economies and in the pace of world trade; the strong US dollar; tightening financial conditions; and rising political uncertainty in countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

A few countries will be able to buck these trends, especially dynamic economies with low levels of debt, notably in Asia.

How the iPhone Helped Save the Planet

Demand growth next year still looks strong enough to provide commodity markets with support, making the kind of price collapse seen during unlikely. However, volatility in commodity markets will continue in , particularly in oil markets. That said, the risks to prices of oil and other commodities are predominantly on the downside, given slowing demand growth and rising supply. Despite volatility, we predict that by the end of , prices will be little different from their current readings. Most of the rise in consumer price inflation between and - from 2.

Over the near term, we expect global inflation and developed economy inflation to remain close to 3.

What to expect for the global economy in | World Economic Forum

While there will be upward pressures in many economies as output gaps close and unemployment rates fall - in some cases to multi-decade lows - there are downward pressures as well. Outside the US, growth is weakening. Moreover, relative to , commodity prices will be relatively flat on average in However, given weaker growth and muted inflationary pressures, the pace of removing accommodation is likely to be even more modest than previously expected.

The US Federal Reserve is likely to raise rates three times in Other central banks, including the Bank of England depending on the Brexit process , the Bank of Canada, and a few emerging market central banks - such as those in Brazil, India and Russia - may also raise rates. The European Central Bank will not hike rates until early Similarly, we do not believe the Bank of Japan will end its negative interest rate policy until Continued above-trend US growth and more rate hikes by the Fed are the primary reasons for this anticipated strength.

Given the recent relative calm in forex markets, especially relative to emerging market currencies, another big appreciation of the US dollar seems unlikely. Nevertheless, the potential for volatility remains very high.