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I am back again with another twin flame energy report. I am going to talk a lot about fantasy vs. I am going to discuss how the twin flame label can actually be the very limitation your soul is trying to expand you beyond and how the community in general has really gotten off track with all the focus on attaining a romantic outcome.

Universal Oneness!

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a story about how I once believed in twin flames, then got hurt and disappointed and suddenly didn't believe in twin flames anymore and became all bitter and did a and was totally against it, saying it's all bullshit after all. No no. The connection I share with this man is still very real, it's just that all or hopefully most of the bs illusions we'd surrounded it with which were more about ego desires have been dissolved. The fear-based codependency has fallen away to reveal the true nature of our soul bond - unconditional love. The trouble is, these types of themes are discussed so much in the community that we become numb to them, they become like a catchphrase and lose their meaning because we stop taking the time to think deeply about what is being said and how it relates to our own connection in the present moment.

For example, when we hear things like, "It's not about romance, it's about the soul growth", we can think "Yes" for a few seconds but then go back to pining after the romantic outcome over all. As a divine messenger, a divine guinea pig, coming back to you with the results, sharing with you the rawness of my ever-evolving perspective as layer upon layer of bullshit peels away, I've got to risk looking like a fool on this unfolding path.

It's all about the journey into truth after all isn't it? Not some bs holy grail story about reaching some fantasy destination of "union" that's been disguised as the whole purpose of the connection but is really the main bs factor in the whole equation? The whole point is that we have union right now and holding out for a 3D version to "prove it" is the very illusion we are meant to learn from and overcome.

Sometimes we have to be burned by the illusion in order to honour the truth that may not seem as exciting to the ego, but is totally nourishing to the soul. I now firmly believe that the REAL point, the real lesson we are supposed to finally grasp through this experience is how the seduction of fantasy actually robs us of our beautiful, grounded, present-moment reality. It causes us to focus on what's "missing" looking outside of ourselves and overlook what we already have love, peace, joy within. It's ALL about perspective.

Whatever story we attach to something is what we believe. So, if we believed we needed this person in a specific way to be happy, we're gunna be miserable unless we attain that. That's basically choosing misery when we place our emotional wellbeing on people and circumstances out of our control. But how we feel on the inside, that IS a choice, whether we want to believe that or not. Again, it may not sound as exciting to the ego than the fantasy of having a whirlwind romance with our twin flame, but the fantasy is merely the "outer wrapping" and inside ourselves is where the real substance of peace will be found.

That's what the devil card in the tarot has been about; two beautiful beings bound together in fear and the seduction of fantasy to try and stave away that fear, robbing them of the beautiful reality of what they truly share and what they truly are as individuals - unconditional love and peace, right now. The fantasy created from a place of fear and illusion binds, blinds, suffocates and limits us; the reality created from a place of love and truth liberates, enlightens and expands us.

In this detailed video I ask you a set of questions to help you really pin point what your passions are and how you can begin living those passions to assist the world in the ways your soul desires. This is an exciting lesson as it opens up your world to infinite possibilities that you can then fine tune to become your perfect divine mission and passion.

Many of us are at this stage of no longer holding out for a romantic relationship with our twin flame so now the fear of "non-union" but that's an illusion in itself has died. We've experienced a rebirth, we feel free, we're not afraid of loss. Many of you still feel the soul love but you're finally accepting that in the 3D you're just not compatible. You realise that the romantic fantasy was a form of escapism, a way to add so much wonder into your life with the excitement of the possible potential of the future. For many, the biggest fear is losing the dream.

The connection you share is very real, but the projections we "get high" from become the poisonous addiction that keeps us stuck in stagnation and illusion and ultimately pain when we start to believe that our happiness and peace is out of our hands. It's not. It's only a story we believe that tells us we can only have the "ultimate happiness" with this other person.

When that bubble finally bursts and we have to face the reality which deep down we always knew, we begin to see just how much the red flags were clear all along, pointing to our 3D incompatibility. The whole twin flame "movement" seems to be obsessed with changing ourselves, waiting for our twin to change, waiting for the future or divine timing or something else that keeps us out of the loop of living life in the now and being happy now. Yes, we are told to be happy within ourselves rather than waiting for "twin" but, how many of us can fully be happy and at peace if we've always got one foot in the door of a possible future that always seems just out of reach?

Can you be fully free to move forward, keep growing and expanding when that foot is wedged in that door, tethering you to the spot? But I believe we all go through this phase of holding onto the dream to learn just how much we were seeking happiness outside of ourselves and holding ourselves back in the present moment. But many of us have now freed ourselves. In the past we would have turned down new opportunities, kept certain doors shut, stayed on a fixed path which was likely very limiting for us because we were holding out for a certain goal of union with our twin. We were clipping our own wings and waiting, travelling down the same road that turned out to be going in circles.

We kept saying to ourselves, "I swear I've seen that tree before, that signpost looks familiar, here's the same crossroads again! We'd held onto the belief that we knew our destination and had to just stay on the same path to get there and we thought we knew better than the universe about what's best for us. But it's really not meant to be such a struggle. The ego loves struggle, but we've outgrown the ego. Instead, we've now thrown caution to the wind, we're allowing life to unfold as it will, allowing new doors to open, new outcomes to unfold.

We are going with the flow, allowing the universe to deliver that which we were previously resistant to allowing. I know this sounds typical of someone who's let go of the idea of a 3D twin flame union and it may be another yawn-inducing concept to some, but I too am no longer resonating so much with the "twin flame" label. But for ease of understanding I will still call him that. I haven't "demoted" him lol. I've just stopped being so singular in my focus. I'm expanding. The labels can create a lot of tunnel vision. To hold onto just one special person "made just for me" is beginning to sound very codependent and more like an ego-based thing.

It's like a "you and me against the world" kind of attitude and I feel it's created more segregation in my life. It's like creating a barrier around you both, a special club where no-one else is allowed access. It makes you both feel special but it can start segregating you from the rest of the world around you. Hold onto the theories too tightly and you start squeezing yourself tighter and tighter into an obsessive bottleneck. It becomes very restricting. Don't get me wrong, my isolation from the outside world around me has served it's purpose to make me closer to God, my own soul and self-love, but it's now time to ground myself again, get back out into the world and truly live all that I have learned over these years.

At this time I am much more drawn to the phrase "soul family" rather than "twin flame" as I feel it is far more "safe" of a category because it allows for movement, flow, flexibility, expansion and it's far less likely to induce codependency, obsession and isolation. I'm not even sure if there is the "One" but more likely several "ones" and no, I am not saying that just to kid myself that I can "transfer" all this love and fantasy I built up with my twin onto my new partner.

I definitely feel we are all close soul family members. I'm actually very wary of labelling my new relationship, other than soul family. It isn't a case of now I'm with someone new I'm going to try and forget all about who I labelled twin, and project all these unresolved fantasies onto the new partner. No, no no, I want something real. And I want the realness of mine and "twin's" connection too.


I will shuffle the cards whilst I tune into your energies and pull out a card just for you. I will then record the detailed card description in a private video for you. The cards go into a lot of detail and can really provide profound insights for you.

Yes, at first it may not FEEL better when you are going through the mourning stages of releasing the dream, but something much better for you comes along if you have taken the time to do the healing work. Many people worry that if they start a relationship with anyone other than their "twin", then that relationship wouldn't be as satisfying, would be "boring" or lacking in "spark" compared to your twin flame.

But this is where fantasies have become damaging for you and for the potential of your future relationships with anyone other than "twin". If you have this fear that a relationship with someone else would be "dull" in comparison to the one you labelled twin, then it's time to get TOTALLY honest with yourself. Was a lot of that "spark" for "twin" created by the countless "what if's", the tantalising mystery and suspense, the need for answers, the thrill of the chase, the brushing under the carpet of poor behaviour, the ups and downs of pleasure and pain, the fantasies of the "perfect" union?

How much of the fantasy was actually grounded in 3D? Yes, there is an undeniable spark and euphoria of the soul love, yes the connection is very real, I'm not denying that or trying to devalue that at all, but was that really translating into harmonious bliss and compatibility in the physical? Or was everything littered with countless setbacks, obstacles, incompatibilities? And no, I am not trying to imply a happy 3D relationship with someone else is either more or less important than this connection you have with "twin" either. I'm just trying to say that perhaps this connection is amazing in terms of soul love, healing, lessons, kinship etc etc, but maybe that just doesn't translate into a compatible romantic relationship.

You can also have these spiritual qualities with someone whom you are compatible with and it will be different, I'm not trying to say it will be the same as with "twin", but "different" doesn't mean "not as good" as with "twin" either.

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Lets be conscious of the subconscious assumptions we might be making about other relationships. These subconscious cynical thoughts can be extremely damaging. Are you going to shut the door on a potential beautiful reality because you're still seduced by a fantasy? Are you still going to choose to stay on that karmic merry-go-round? Are you brave enough to embrace the truth?

Because the truth is far more beautiful than you think if you LET it be. Our perspective determines how we see it all. Are you going to choose to be grounded and real or spin yourself a yarn, getting tangled up in it all and being caught in the web of karmic pain? Again, I am not trying to devalue your "twin" connection, I'm just trying to help you expand your perspective, open your heart to ALL possibilities.

Set yourself free, go with the flow. I assure you, it will bring you much more peace to just go with where the universe is trying to take you. If it all feels like such a struggle with "twin" then it's because something isn't quite right, it's just not clicking in that way. I no longer believe it's just a case of needing to "shift" something within yourself to make it happen with this person. Yes, shift yourself into deeper happiness and healing by all means, but be open to your highest good unfolding in ways you may not be allowing yourself to envision.

I'm now going to tell you something very important. The success or failure of your future happiness and future romantic life is determined by what perspective you decide to choose from this point onward. You have two choices. You can choose: Perspective One: which goes something along the lines of, "I can only be happy with this one person, my twin flame.

Or you let them go and tell yourself "I lost my twin flame. I will never be happy again, I will never be as happy with anyone else. But it's really just about how you are choosing to see everything. It's as I'm writing this! It's damaging to believe I can only be happy with one person. This person may not even be my twin flame. Even if they are, we may be destined for other partners who we can be happier with. The label "twin flame" can imply that this is the "ultimate partner" but is that really true? Or is that a man made concept based on old paradigms? I choose to remain open and flexible to allow my highest good to come in.

I am no longer going to have rigid beliefs about my romantic life that clip my wings and potentially destroy my future happiness.

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I choose to be in the moment, to be grounded, to appreciate what is real rather than favouring a fantasy, which only keeps me ungrounded and focusing in the wrong direction. I am keeping my heart open to love in all forms. You realise it's your own perspective that makes all the difference.

You ALLOW different possibilities to provide happiness, not just one fixed ideal you're trying to squeeze everything into. Which one are you going to choose? If you hold onto a label and convince yourself that that was your one chance of true happiness and you "lost" it, then you will always go into future relationships comparing them to that person, that dream, that very limiting outlook. That is why holding onto these labels can be very destructive to your future.

Just imagine someone never got over someone from their past, and believed wholeheartedly that it was meant to work out with that person but it didn't, and now they believed they just had to just "settle" for someone else. What if they were wrong, what if it wasn't meant to work out with the person they thought was "the one"? What if they were meant to be with this new person but their limiting perspective held them back from ever being happy with the new person or any other person for that matter? That's a sad story that I hope never becomes a reality for anyone here.

21 Authentic Twin Flame Signs (+ Free In-Depth Guidance) ⋆ LonerWolf

What if this person IS your twin flame, but still, it wasn't meant to become romantic in the 3D? What if you were meant to have that kind of happy relationship with someone else? And what if this was always the plan and so your twin being with another woman or man is not them ignoring their truth but simply living out the soul contract that they are destined for. There's so much hatred and resentment projected mostly at the DM's and their "karmic partners".

But what if they are genuinely meant to share their life together? Many DF's have moved onto another partner. I hear them often call their new partner a "soul mate".

But what if DM's supposed "karmic" is a soulmate too? It sounds a little arrogant calling the DM's partner a karmic and DF's a soulmate lol. But hard to explain without them! Fantasy is like a drug, it can get you high temporarily, but it will bring you crashing down again in the deepest of pain. Don't get addicted to the highs and lows and tell yourself it's just part of the journey into some idealised 3D union which is no reflection of the true soul union we are meant to see underneath these illusions. You will soon get bored of the drama.

Your inner child that once subconsciously sought out the exciting drama and fantasy with the unavailable "twin" as it tried to heal emotional unavailability it experienced from parents has now healed and grown up. You've matured and become grounded within yourself to align with a grounded relationship. Many of you have now aligned with and manifested this. For others, this is a possible future for you IF you allow it. For many of you the highs and lows became too much. Those waves crashed down your once-rigid tower. The love is still there for this person, but your ego died along with the illusions.

You matured. Instant download. But for others they are still holding on and that is okay because we all go through it in our own time. But again, you have a choice. You can keep holding on, slogging away, feeling frustrated, taking it personally, always waiting for the future, feeling lost, living in the uneasiness of feeling like something's just on the verge of completion then realising you're nowhere near. Though I was holding onto him lying to me about talking to other girls though and continuously accused him of the act throughout the last five to six months of our relationship which hurt him and pushed him away.

During these months though, he would randomly become distant which would enhance my insecurities. In the past two months we have broken up and gotten back together twice and have broken up a third time. And I guess he was because we are twin flames. This past Thursday I received many signs pushing me to him. I work in a library and had to do books drops which entails going outside. While out there a truck exactly like his pulled into the parking lot and then on the other side of the building there was another parked.

I then went inside and began to shelve books. A card was peaking out of a book that I had checked out for him in the fall so I opened it and found a Star Wars card, which is his favorite movie and the last one we had watched together. I later found out that the card was in fact his and has been in the book since he had it in the fall. I returned it about five months ago and it had circulated a few times so it still being in there, I believe to be a sign. Then on my way home listening to the radio which I never do, a song that he sent me to show how he feels came on and I drove by countless trucks like his, different colors and then one that was exactly like his but not him.

Later that day at my hot yoga class his friends wife was in the class and we went to their wedding over the summer when our relationship was in picture perfect condition. I showed up at his house this past Saturday uninvited and he spent the day with me, talking. We ended things well but he said he still needed time and that he was going to continue dating other people.

I messaged him on Sunday and we were going back and forth, fighting. He was saying hurtful and rash things that he does not mean and is just saying because I have not given him time. And then on Sunday afternoon I was given another sign, looking for VW wesfalia vans I clicked on an ad and they had named the van the same name he had his truck. But I am now blocked with no way of contacting him unless I show up to his house. I want to share this information I have found with him because I think it would help but I just need reassurance that he could be my twin flame and how to go about reaching out to him.

I met this man 11 years ago through a common friend. I remember just before this meeting I was in an extremely happy state. I had no idea why. Anyways I met him and there was a strange kind of attraction. I felt he could read me and later he told me he can read body language. I thought it was just one sided attraction. We were in different cities but we started chatting online almost every day. We would talk about everything. We kept meeting once in a while. I was so much at ease with him always, there was never a dull moment.

We went on a holiday with some other friends and we got intimate. It was just a spontaneous act and my body felt electrified. We had 2 more sexual encounters but we never had sex, and we never dated. Then suddenly he found someone and started dating her. When he told me this I was left hurt and I felt like a fool. He wanted me to act normal and be friends with him forever.

He was never abusive. He is too kind a soul. He got married.. I got married and there was little bit of on and off contact between us over the past 10 years. Although I loved him and never really got over him. Finally I felt enough of running and I should connect with him. We got chatting and he told me how attracted he was to me and that he always remembered me. But I think we could never express the love we felt for each other, it was overwhelming. We discussed our intimacy openly for the first time about how we felt.. It was like reliving those moments once again. It was a beautiful to relive those moments and then we felt a surge to see each other again.

Now we are often sharing intimate details and we want meet in person. But we are separated and live different countries so meeting will not take place soon. Can someone tell me if this really a twin flame or soulmate connection or what? We want to see each other but there are always obstacles — distance, relationships, fear,.. I met Jason in January. We felt an immediate connection.

Both of us wanted to talk to or be with each other every minute of every day! When we would go too many days not seeing each other, it was painful for both of us. That is until one day, Jason had a bad day at work. He got into trouble for lack of focus and this scared him.

I believe this is when he started thinking that things with me were too much for him to handle. I sensed something was wrong even before talking with him. It was like my gut instincts told me something was wrong with him. I asked him about it and his voice was very shaky.

What is a Twin Flame?

He just said he had a bad day at work and needed to just relax with his son that evening. Later he texted me and was annoyed that I asked him about something being wrong. The next morning he abruptly ended it with me. I have had various boyfriends and even lost my husband in death. Aside from the loss of my husband, nothing shook me like that break up text from Jason. I replied in a defensive manner and he blocked my number.

I emailed him and he blocked that. He cut off all communication. We had so much in common and just fit! But we are at the stage where he is the runner and I am the chaser but it is a lost cause at this point. He is divorced and I sense that scarred him a little. If he would have been open with me on his fears, he would know I have the same ones! I lost someone to death. I am afraid of that happening again. I am afraid of marriage so I am not looking for that.

He is clearly dealing with things in an emotionally immature manner even though he is older. If you feel you are the chaser even though at times you want to run as well , how do you be this without imposing into their life? How do you reassure, both them and oneself, when they have withdrawn into silent hibernation? We knew we made a soul contract in a prior life. We were perfection and everyone could see it. We have been faced with some outside issues that impose stress on our relationship. What does that mean?

Home is where your Twinflame is.

Words Of Illumination For The Twin Flame Journey

And, your Twinflame is first and foremost inside of you; representing the divine love inside of you. My Twinflame feels like home to me and I feel like home to him. Separation began when our souls were created. That sounds ridiculous I know, but the truth is our souls were created as one and then split apart by God the Creator so that we could experience life in separate physical realities. We, the Twinflames, have chosen to experience life in this way.

Each lifetime that we have journeyed here, we gathered information and brought it back to one another in the etheric realm; and did it again, and again. For Twinflames, Earth is a place to educate yourself, experience physicality and play the necessary roles to find our way back to one another. And now, with that knowledge, it is time to recognize that your love story began the moment you were born in this lifetime, and as you have journeyed upon the earth the timelines have shifted back and forth, up and down, left and right to accommodate your needs as a soul up to the point where you met your Twinflame.

When you met your beloved in this life, you may have thought that, that was union, but the truth is that when you separated from each other in this lifetime that was the true beginning of your journey to union.