The Legend of Diadamia

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This past week, we have worked on creating a PowerPoint presentation related to our blogs. Matthew faced a very large challenge in his life. He was living in Nauvoo and was working on building the Nauvoo Temple. He fell off the building, and was severely injured. He was at home recuperating when the mobs came through Nauvoo, and Matthew was pulled out of his sick-bed and into the streets where he was beaten and left for dead. The injuries from the beating on top of the injuries from his fall damaged his legs so badly that they were amputated.

He did recover, and came to Utah, where he wound up settling in Manti, which is where the story takes place. What I particularly love about the story is that William has a role in the story, as the original giver of "The Strange Ornament. My father did not tell me a lot of stories about the Castos.

Related Names

The only one he did tell was the family legend about how the Castos came to America--and his version has been disproved by research in the last 20 years. I will discuss the family legends in another post. I believe that my father didn't have stories about William simply because William died when his daughter Rosa May was still a young woman, newly married. He was about 55 years old when May was born, and he was a polygamist. I don't know which of the other wives raised the children for certain, but they were both older: Racheline Cornog was past 60 when Jane died, and Annie Cole was about 50, if she was still living I am still trying to locate her death date.

Racheline was the second wife, and had already raised four of her own six children two died before they were 8. In other cemeteries I visited on my recent trip to Delaware County I saw other headstones that had been put back together. If you can help or are descendants of these two people please contact me. Were there any burial notification requirements as far backas ? There are many small family cemeteries. When a family member died, did anyone have to be notified before or after the burial county, town, church? If records were kept, where would they be located? I am looking for stories or photos regarding this school.

I would really appreciate any help. My name is Edward Cohen and I now own since 17 acres including the farm house now painted Grey , the big barn, and the old chicken coop? I love the house and setting and would like to know more about it's history. Maiden name Blake. The time frame would be approx and the actually shooting would have occured in Poughkeepsie, NY. I can't confirm John or Sally Sarah 's parents. Does anyone know how many different churches existed in Hancock between about and and have any transcriptions of the church records been done that I might be able to access or purchase?

Thank you very much for any help! I have found information in the Walton Reporter about these quarrys, in the years ago section. Any information about this family esp. Family information says that Wilbur or Wilber Lockwood owned a quarry that went out of business.

It may have been located in or near HaleEddy. Other related Lockwoods may have also worked in quarries in the region, including father Abraham or Abram D. I would appreciate anyone with information contacting me. Thank you! Stone building, entry to cemetary It was built between and Also would appreciate any information factual or not concerning said factory and family of John M Herzog.

The Legend of Diadamia

We are anxiously looking for any information about this person, but so far have been unable to come up with anything. If you have any ideas on how we might further our search, we 'd be most grateful for your help. My grandmother and her brother Gertrude and Alton Brundage graduated from Walton high school around So, if anyone with links with Walton schools that might have old photos that would cover the time these individuals went to school to ?

It is my belief the school was in Walton, but may have been in Sidney. It used to be across from the railroad tracks. I have seen a photo - years ago - when it meant nothing. Sad to say, I have not been able to find it among my father's things. I've been trying to find out the history of, up to today, the house at the end of Dibble Rd. I'm 50 as of this writing and am writing down memoirs so to speak, and this location is very dear to me. We used to go to what I remember, the old 2 story house on that site, sometimes twice a year. The last with my late dad around The original? I think the hunting club rebuilt it or at least helped to what I believe it is today still.

Nothing would be made public Any help, information would be greatly appreciated, or a pointer to who could help. Does anyone have any informationon the Cemetery and why someone might be buried there. It is a mystery since the rest of the family is buried in the main Walton Cemetery.

The Legend of Diadamia

Thanks so much to all of you who have helped to make the Delaware County, New York website the best by far! We have seen many pictures of this area but are looking for pictures and information regarding our home. We have found that a family named Keator lived in this house for years. Any pictures and information would be greatly appreciated. Mentioned in another document of And where records from those churches may have wound up? Who was the surname "France" that Franceville was named after? United Presbyterian Church, South Kortright.

Formerly, an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Does this church exist today? A building existed in The church is not in the current directory of Presbyterian churches. The cemetery records are on the wonderful Delaware website but no other mention. I would like to have the current name of the church, the address, and the name of the minister. Lots of thanks to all of you who put in so many hours to make this website so exceptional!

It was owned by Ransom C. Holbert and Mabel J. King Holbert. Mabel and Ransom were married in so I know the quarry was in operation then. Their Children were Raymond, Ransom Jr. I believe the boys ran the quarry after Ransom Sr.

Oscar Casto - Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents -

The slate was shipped to New York City for side walks. If anyone has any more information you would like to share, please email me. I found an old newspaper article, no date or name of newsapaper, but, Roxbury, Oct. Article states, "There were 33 graves in the Cat Hollow cemetery, of which the people, buried mostly before , all seemed tohave the same surname. It was discovered from records that these were all slaves of one wealthy landowner. Could someone tell who this "wealthy landowner" was and wherethe records from this cemetery might be?

Also I am looking for information on an old Victorian house Located on the corner of Leonard street and vestal Ave. The house number is If you have any kind of information or even pictures you feel would be helpful to me in my search please feel free to contact me. I would really appreciate your information. I believe the hill is know as Point Mountain but I am not sure. A cell tower stands there now. Thank You in advance. It was located on Cartwright Ave. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

Bobbyd aol.

Search the Genealogy Library

Finley died in or and lease was returned to patent as it had not been paid for. The team was well known in the area and there were 9 team members: Clark H. McDonald pitcher , William R. McDonald catcher , B. My grandfather was Clark and his brother, William. I wonder who named it and why they named this corner as such and does it have anything to do with the Greek poet, Pindar. Harrison Barnes Jr. Kortright named "Belle Terre".

It is now a phoenix house facility, but was obviously a fine estate at one time. Thanks for any info you can provide. Not on Census. Would like to research newspapers to check for articles covering their arrival, births and departures. I am particularly interested in those owned or operated by Urbana Terry or Alfred Hunter in Delhi - I understand it is between Grand Gorge and Margaretville, but where?

My speciality is history of one room schoolhouses, especially here in Oneonta.. I have published two books on the subject. I e-mail you today seeking further info in regards to photos of same. Two of our schools were line schools had students from both townships due to being located on the town line and indicate that some of your residents may have pictures in scrapbooks of these schools.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge of the existence of any photos. I will have a museum in the building we just purchased for the Society and would like all the photos I can amass for the preservation of history. Anyone know which "France" that was and when? Do you know of a Methodist Episcopal church that was in the area of SidneyTownship in the period of In a family bible, I found a note of aconversion to ME of my gg grandfather.

Have been long looking for a record of his marriage to Nancy Hodges in Sidney in His name Milo Bradley. Thanks in advance for any answer! Does anyone know of any farmers' groups such as Grange, Dairymen's League, or the like that existed in the early s? Would appreciate any information regarding this that would lead to places where there might be information on the farmers in the county during that period. It is also possible that his father Alonzo Crawford was also associated with the paper after his Civil War service with the th. Both resided in Delhi their entire lives. Charles J.

I have a letter that was sent to Hickory Swail in I believe that there was a tragic fire about 20 years ago and would like to know about this place. I am thinking of looking to buy it. Maybe some links to its structure or its construction or location. I believe it is in Town of Hancock. I found a list on the Delaware County Historical Association but there was no address and the email address came back as not existing.

I would like to know where I can write, how much for the books, how much for shipping and handling, and what books they have. I would appreciate it if some one could tell me. You can email me directly at Seanchuidh aol. I don't need names, just the number of people who lived in each comminity. Figures from would be ideal, but anything from the period would be helpful. Is there anyone in there worshipping at the present? If not, where might their records have gone?

Sitll appreciate your website and the work that is and continues to be done. Was the child just given to another family without any court record? Does any one know? Does anyone know if a guest list exists for Fleischmann's Resort circa ? In my Grandfather's effects I found about postcards addressed to a May Heinemann and I'd like to find out more about her.

I believe that they shippedthe slate by boat on the Delaware River and then maybe by the D and H Canal Does anyone have any info. The next farm was occupied by Joseph Erskine, an English soldier, who was taken prisoner and afterwards enlisted in the American Service. The name has a variety of spellings including Askin, Arskin, Earskin and Erskin, to name a few. Is there a volunteer that would be willing to work with me to obtain the property records prior to ? My name is Scott Mcdonald and I am related to the Mcdonalds of the town of Meredith who used to have the farm.

I am looking for a one of the tinsthat are creamery used to ship the butter or maybe a old milk can with are name on it if they exist if you have such a thing or know of someone with one please contact me.

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It was owned by my great grandfather, Robert Sydney Jones. It's headquarters were supposedly located on Delaware Street. He was a carpenter contractor who built many of the homes in Walton in that time period. I am desperately seeking an article about this accident which occured in Oneonta but may have been reported in the Walton Newspaper. The accident wouldhave occured in July of Also, I am hoping to hear from people who may have documentation of him building their house.

Where would I find the records military of enlistments of people that entered the service through Walton Armory; time periods of ,; etc. My thanks, in advance! A time frame around is what I am looking for. Anything would be helpful. My husband's great grandfather's occupation was listed in the census as this his name was Gouveneir M. I've checked with Smithsonian and several other notable sites for a listing with his name, but they have nothing. He obviously wasn't well known, but to have made his living had wife and 4 children this way, surely some of his work is still in the area.

Was there a society for artist in the late 's. His wife and children lived many years in the Dehli area until early 's but I lose him after the census. Any advice or information will be appreciated. I do not know if it is still called that. I believe the original owner was Ransom Packard. I am interested in finding out if there is a cemetery on the farm and if so who is buried there. I am looking for a relative who's first name is unknown.

He died probably between and , and was born around He was married to Lydia Dibble and they had one daughter. Any information on the farm would be helpful. Seeking letters, diaries, photos of 89th NY Inf. I believe there was a Methodist Church there also and the Cemetery may have ajoined the church property.

Henry Pfeiffer died April 14, and is buried there. His wife Elizabeth died September 27, and is also buried there, and two children who died before Also, John W. Snyder and his wife Sophia Pfeiffer Snyder. Thank you for any help you can give. I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Readburn Acid Factory - ?

Or the area in Readburn. Maurice R. I have a postcard of the Homestead that was sentby my ggrandmother to my aunt in about My father remembers living there as a very small boy and I know that my great uncle died there in at age 6. Any assistance would be appreciated. I live in southeast Georgia so it's a little difficult for me to get up there! I have a transcription of the announcement left by my grandmother, but cannot correctly cite the source. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could either look up the article for me, or direct me to a place where I can request a lookup.

Does anyone know of a cemetery in Kortright that was called the Old White House Burying Grounds - could the name have been changed? Y 3rd CAV. Does anyone know where Clark's Factory is located or what it is now known by? Helen Truscott Re: Wilson families. Who were parents of Mary Wilson wife of Thomas Washburn?

He married Mary E.

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Does anyone know what ChurchAdelbert Gaylord was affiliated with? I would like to know if anyone has letters or diaries of these soldiers or any other information or artifacts. James Graham was hanged in Delhi for thismurder in I would like to know details of the crime and the family of Graham.

If there is any to be found, please contact me at tools aol. I am very interested in finding out about this subject. Apparently this school was established to de-Indianize the children taking away their Native American customs. Any clues would be graciously valued. Bowedleg aol. Especially the Readburn acid factory. Like to know what it was like in that area to The name of the carriage builder from the tag on my carriage is C.

Crawford Company. If you have any idea where I might look for this info, I would be most appreciative! Leesa Winter , September 27, ST. The historian is compiling birth,baptism, marriage, and death records from St. The compilation will be published in a book for sale, and possibly for volunteer lookups.

Polly Casto podcast

This is a big project and an invaluable one. You may be saying "My family isn't from Delhi, Delaware County". But wait. Read on. A bit of history about St. Peter's: St. Peter's had its first building in June From - it was a mission of Hancock, NY, St. Before it was a mission of Hunter, NY, St. Mary's or Windham NY. From to , it was a mission of Walton, NY, St.

John the Baptist. The historian needs our help. He would like to publish pictures and vignettes about the families that comprised these parishes. Can you help? If so, please respond privately to Roberta Meehan at antrob worldnet. As we have all learned, each tidbit of information we share provides feasts for others. I look forward to hearing from you. I am curious if someone knows their Company no. Their names are: Edward A. Griffth- Capt. There was an organization by the same name in Genesee County and I have not been able to find out what the group was all about. I received a lead that such a group existed in Delaware County.

Alonzo Crawford , a printer with the th Regt. His son Claude , was possibly associated with the paper as editor or publisher.

Both resided in Delhi all their lives. Can you provide me with any informationabout this? In putting together my family history, I'd like to be able to show their ports of departure, ports of entry, and the names of the ships. A tall order, but not totally impossible! Does anyone have a good feel for this sort of thing, i. The park is located app. Henry F. Contact with pastor reveals nothing. The following excerpt was written by E.

Spafford, biographical information about whom might be helpful in this quest: "Harpersfield, N. August 31, Elder Marsh-Dear Sir: I have been priveleged with an opportunity of perusing the Palladium for some months past and it has satisfied me the knowledge and information it contains, is well worthy the patronage of every citizen. I feel still much interested in the perusal of this invaluable work, and most heartily reciprocate with you the desire that it may do much good There are few in this place who read the Palladium and advocate the doctines of the Christian Church Doct E.

Any assistance greatly appreciated. I am looking for a ggrandmother, Cynthia Carroll, who it is felt was from Trout Creek. Is there any way of getting a listing of persons buried in this cemetary. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9. Page Count : ISBN : Format : E-Book. Dimensions : E-Book.