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The June issue of Parenting for High Potential is available now for members--parenting gifted African American children, martial arts and global awareness, meeting social emotional needs with bibliotherapy. Join the Legislative Action Network to help work to make Gifted Education a reality for all gifted children.

Chester E. Finn, Jr. Brandon L. A great problem in U. It is no secret that American students overall lag their international peers. Among the thirty-four countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development whose students took the PISA exams in , the United States ranked seventeenth in reading, twentieth in science, and twenty-seventh in math. Less well known is how few young Americans—particularly the poor and minorities—reach the top ranks on such measures. The PISA test breaks students into six levels of math literacy, and only 9 percent of American fifteen-year-olds reached the top two tiers.

Compare that with 16 percent in Canada, 17 percent in Germany, and 40 percent in Singapore. Among the handful of American high-achievers, eight times as many kids come from the top socioeconomic quartile as from the bottom.


That ratio is four to one in Canada, five to one in Australia, and three to one in Singapore. What has gone wrong? High achievers were taken more seriously during the Sputnik era. Board of Education decision. As the country concerned itself with educational equity, Carnegie Corporation president and future U. How do other nations achieve better results?

Unsurprisingly, we found that culture, values, and attitudes matter a great deal. Parents in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan push their kids to excel and often pay for outside tutors and cram schools. Finland is a different story. Elitism is taboo, and competition frowned upon.

Yet Helsinki boasts an underground of specialized elementary schools that parents jockey to get their children into. A handful also have intensive tracks with extra courses for uncommonly able youngsters. Western Australia, like Singapore, screens all schoolchildren in third or fourth grade to see which of them show particular academic promise.

Die Trump-Dynastie

Those who excel can choose to enter specialized classrooms or after-school enrichment programs. This gives them access to additional resources, but these students are also squashed under cumbersome procedures.

Book Review- The Killer Angels

For instance, a committee must review their progress annually, and they may generally not transfer out of the school that the bureaucracy assigns them to. What lessons can the United States take from this research on how to raise the academic ceiling while also lifting the floor?


The Killer Angels Teacher’s Guide

States could screen all their students and offer top scorers extra challenges. They could encourage smart kids to accelerate through school or even allow every child to move through the curriculum at his own pace.

See a Problem?

Why must every eleven-year-old be in fifth grade? Technology eases such individualization, but this change would also require agile teachers and major revisions to academic standards, curricula, and tests that now assume every child should progress through one grade each year.

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I love using videos and try to every day. However, the safety mode on all school computers has made it virtually impossible to watch anything, even Disney trailers. The only thing I can do is save videos on a flash drive at home which is the opposite of convenient. Anyone else have this problem????

That is so frustrating! I had very unreliable internet my first few years teaching so I used Keepvid to download any videos to a flash drive. Then one year I had a really techy student aide and he helped me with that! I just saved the videos to a playlist and he put them on my flash drive for me so I had them ready to go for the next unit. It just makes me angry that we are told to integrate technology which I love doing anyway but then the means to do so are spotty or taken away completely. Teacher problems…. Hi blogger, i must say you have very interesting content here.

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The Killer Angels Themes

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